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  1. Yeah, I have been waiting for that to be implemented forever. I just use Nero and Joonas drag and drop plugin for winamp so I can add files easier.
  2. Exactly, you get my point how much easier it would be to be able to save a cue sheet and be able to edit it later. Imgburn is great don't get me wrong and if you could edit cue sheets I wouldn't have to keep crawling back to nero.
  3. It's all good I can understand if you don't wanna make software bloated like a lot of others out there but to be really useful it would help making cue files editable under the same GUI. I have ended up going back to a bare bones version of nero 7 that has all the plugin support preinstalled ie. FLAC, OGG, APE, LAME etc. Then using a plugin in winamp to just right click and drap the files directly into nero from my playlist. cheers, agent
  4. The cue sheets can be edited but why not just make it possible to have multiple sessions with the same cue sheet so you don't have to edit it manually to get the desired effect.
  5. I don't get it why have the option to save the cue file if you can't add stuff to it later? The mixes I make evolve a lot before I finish adding more songs and sound clips for fun. It is a pain to add everything all over again each time I have it in just the right order. Not only that but all the song are all in one folder so it's not just a quick add and be done with it.
  6. I was making an audio cue file and didn't have time to finish so I saved it. Now I can't figure out how to load it back up so I can add more songs to it. agent
  7. First, I want to say I am so glad you added audio cd burning to an already great program. Now with that being said adding a few more features to it would make it probably the best burning program available. Adding Replaygain support would do wonders since utilities like mp3gain won't do files like FLAC or OGG. I haven't tried to overburn yet but I haven't seen where it is supported so that would be a plus. Also when creating a new .cue file sometimes I want to check the desktop for something and I can't access the main window to minimize or drag it out of the way. Also sometimes I take a while to finish a mix and not being able to reload a cue sheet is a real pain. Thanks agent
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