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  1. Excuse me for sticking into the middle of the discussion, but I have the same problem as the original poster. Accepting that ImgBurn changes *.IFO and *.BUP files for a correct Video DVD, I need at least a method to control if ImgBurn changes those files. So I invented this algorithm: - "build" mode, create an image file, say MY.ISO; - extract files from MY.ISO as from an archive; - check hashes of files; - if hashes are correct, burn MY.ISO. So I want to know, can ImgBurn while burning send to an optical drive contents which is different from that in MY.ISO; so files in MY.ISO and files on the optical disk will not match?
  2. beroal

    ImgBurn on Linux

    Burning DVD works fine on Mandriva 2008.1 without any "tweaking" at all. Everything like in an official guide. I prefer ImgBurn to Brasero.

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