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  1. Oh, I just thought public domain movies didn't need MacroVision...
  2. I agree with you, see http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=338&hl=
  3. Yeah, but can it copy home movies to your hard drive? Look at this post here
  4. What is ImgTool Classic? Where can I find it?
  5. Very nice poem. Lightning UK! should add a poem section on the forum. lol
  6. I think IMG Burn should be able to do more, like copy personal Home Video DVDs to your hard drive. Maybe you could make IMG Burn do everything DVD Decrypter did EXCEPT for the removal of Macrovision and CSS Encryption. That way it can copy personal family DVDs we made such as a family wedding video, to our hard drives so we can watch them or keep them for back up. That way, you would have an image burner and a DVD Copier that copies home video DVDs and not Hollywood/MPAA movies. I think that would be the best program to maintain, especially since there are a lot of public domain movies that do not have MacroVision or CSS Encryption on them.
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