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  1. Salman Usman

    Continuos I/o Errors

    I am using Moserbaer Pro one of the best ones here in India and i have been using his media as soon as i started burning Dvd's. I will try and find Verbatim here.The controller identifies itself as fibre from the day i have bought it. I will update the drivers and check whether the issue gets solved. Just another question after burning 3-4 dvds the writer also goes bad and has to be sent for replacement, this has happened to three of my writers.
  2. Salman Usman

    I/O Error on ImgBurn

    Have Posted a new thread with Log Please do reply.
  3. Salman Usman

    Continuos I/o Errors

    Hi, I am in desperate need of help and don't know where to post Everything was working Fine on my Pc uptil now. but recently i have started facing problems. i had one Moserbaer(Liteon) drive and one Sony AW-Q170A. Now whenever i Burn a Dvd using Imgburn the Dvd will Burn ok But When it will start to verify it will stop at 20% first and Show SCSi status code :0x02 and some errors. i tried burning more Dvd's thinking there is some problem with the media but the Percent at which the error came started to come just kept Decreasing 20-19-18-17 and so on both my drives failed. I got a new Sony DRU-V200S Tested it in my office it burnt 4 discs without a problem same using imgburn but at home after burning 2 discs it started giving the same errors Have tested the drives both on Vista Sp1 and Xp Sp3.Please somebody Help me i m in deep trouble. System Specs Asus P5NT-WS Intel Q6600 2x2Gb DDR2 800Mhz 2*80Gb(Raid 0) 250*2 storage 8800Gt Thanx for help in Advance Below is the Imgburn Log
  4. Salman Usman

    I/O Error on ImgBurn

    Hi there, I have got the exact same error infact my three new drives got permanently after i started getting this error i am desperately waiting for someone reply on this error. Btw i have got a Nvidia 680i Lt Sli Chipset. Sorry for High-Jacking ur Thread
  5. Salman Usman

    ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 Released!

    Hi Luk, I am having problems and lots of conflicts of driver with Nvidia Chipsets. I have tried a number of Burners from Sony,Lg,Samsung to Moserbaer. Can u Please tell if this issue will be taken care of by the latest Version of Imgburn.
  6. Salman Usman

    Speed Seems Locked.

    Thanx for the reply have successfully enabled the Dma using a reset Vbs Script. Because was unable to do the setting using the standard steps. many Thanks
  7. Salman Usman

    Speed Seems Locked.

    Hi, I have an Lg drive and imgburn which seems to be locked to 1.4x burn 1.7-4.0x read on dvd i can't get it past that i changed the drive then too it is locked. Here is the Imgburn Log.

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