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  1. Meh too early in the morning....ImgBurn will warn you that you have a rw disc in the drive and ask do you want to continue to burn. This will not happen if you have ticked the "Don't Prompt..." option in the settings.


    Once the drive is told to burn there is nothing to stop it writing the leadin and that is out of ImgBurn's control.


    If thats not helped in anyway at all, well thats what happens when I answer half asleep!

  2. If its extra IDE ports then go for one with the ITE chipset.


    If its extra SATA ports for optical devices then grab one with the new Sil chipset.


    If its extra SATA ports for HDDs then get anything that is does NOT have the Sil chipset! My personal preference is the Adaptec 4 port PCI-E cards, however 3ware cards are damn good or the budget option would be one from HighPoint (One of their tech guys assured me they do not use any Sil chipsets on their current range).

  3. There is meant to be an issue with the jmicron contoller and optical drives. I'll muck about on thurs and see if I get the same issue (Got that exact board sitting on the floor now). I think I have the burner somewhere too.


    Keep us posted on if the new driver fixes that issue. Just out of interest does the error happen if you have raid enabled for control mode?

  4. What he said!! I too have an Raidsonic unit. Those seagate units do look rather cool though. Depends if you plan to need more space. If the answer is yes then get a Raidsonic unit and a few spare caddies so you can hotswap between drives. Else if the answer is no, get that flashy unit.

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