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  1. Thanks guys. So busy with work atm i've not got time to think!
  2. lmao2k

    Idling on IRC

    I idle on quite a few networks, but mainly the ones where I was either an local oper or server admin. We tried an IRC channel out for support with DVDD years ago and no one really made any use of it. So I doubt trying one again for ImgBurn would be any different.
  3. Unless he bought his xbox recently it will either be a Toshiba/Hitachi or BenQ drive in the xbox. Besides which the current Lite-on drives in the xbox have not been hacked. I would therefore say the drive is a Toshiba, probably an MS25 variant going by "one of the first drives fitted in X360". In any event lots of poeple have had varying success using different media. I personally use Verbatim media for everything and have yet to find something that has found it hard to read the media. Also remember different discs use different dyes, that could simply be the issue in which case check the codes on the media and experiment.
  4. Because maybe they don't need to convert any files?! Besides which if I wanted to convert a file I wouldn't use a all in one tool since I like to control what happens at every stage.
  5. every other day!

  6. papa smurf does the hustle?

  7. Work out a budget and go from there!
  8. Hmm, you seem to have no friends. Life must be grim :(

  9. If you've not already done so you need to enable the restriction driver function for which there is normally an icon on the bottom left. Also a useful prog for updating the gfx drivers is ENVY. Hmm, another thing that some people have issues with is updating the OS via the gui. I would always suggest manually doing this.
  10. I could supply the world with shiny beer mats!
  11. Whats your hardware? Any warnings showing up in the log file? Have you checked to see if DMA has been disabled?
  12. Can I be your friend?

  13. Netsoftmedia bloke on ebay guarantees his discs are made in Singapore
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