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  1. I replaced my PX-712A with a PX-760 and am totally happy with it. I also bought a few 7173 drives which are also very good. I bought a liteon 18x and personally I wish I had bought a blow torch since it would of done a better job! Can't speak about the pioneers, but if the current drives are as good as my 104 then buy one too. Hmm infact just buy a lot of different drives and test, its what we do :)

  2. due to legal reasons and the fact that roadkill sex with frozen peas is banned in most countries , the video trailer had to be removed



    1 in every 3 Americans is diabetic ??? You're kidding me right db ?


    Sorry I missed the road kill sex with frozen peas video volvo, don't suppose you have a copy anywhere ? :lol: Actually I know you do cos I saw one of your logs where you burnt it to disc !! =)) Ok you tried to hide it by changing your name to mine but I am wise to you now !! :P


    ask dontasciime, its all over his pc :unsure:

  3. You might try the search function and look for 'multi session'. This has been asked and answered many, many times.

    I found only a few topics wich were old. The answers were like:"Maybe one day" Is that day near? :) Will it be implemented in the next version? And when it will be released? In a month, or in a few months?


    No. Doubtful. What is the meaning of life?

  4. Hmm that would explain the layout changes at cd-rmedia. Used them for +r 16x verb when they were 19p a disc. No probs at all.


    Again nice of SVP, just shows why they are at the top of the game.

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