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  1. I once had a very painful dream in my youth that the similar happened to me. With a folded lawn chair. >_< I had spilled Kool-Aid on the carpet and that was my punishment: she jumping on a lawn chair on my nuts until they burst open, flying out goo. Even my dreams ne'er end well for me... :&


    Seek help NOW!

  2. Vegemite is now also banned on this forum also with marmite. The thought of the stuff makes me feel ill.


    The day I tasted marmite was one of the worst days of my life, infact its up there with the day I found out Santa wasn't real >_<

  3. Are you sure? I have a px760A which is 18x and I can assure the quality it not poor by anymeans. It also uses the tried and tested chipsets from Sanyo which are always great quality


    I swear customs have nicked our scsi cards and upgraded their own pcs!!!!


    I'll have 4GB once the box is up and running. Only difference between my spec and lights is the gfx card (card be arsed to upgrade twice and the 1900xt will do for now) and i'll be running some 15K atlas scsi drives that I got for a very good price ;)

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