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    yes ok in windows many thanx - i think the reg entry from the 'faqs' has id'd the drve regards
  2. hi i have a LG : HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H12N cd dvd writer imgburn does not recognise it - it is fitted with most recent firmware - please advise on how to get up and running regards
  3. snapper


    well mine dont play and i cant even get my video_ts audio_ts files into imgburn thre is no information on how to do it but then again i'm possibly missing something ah yes iknow - help and advice i appreciate that you need an iso file - no problem - can do that but i need an iso file capable of dual layer writng - mds i think - so how do i do it regards to whats the point
  4. snapper

    devices not found - win 98

    HI Thanx MIniport reg fix download file fixd the fault regards
  5. #39;( HI okay i've made my movie Its7 gb long I have it on my hard drive (ntfs file sytem) Normal folders Video_ts and Audio_ts How do i get it into imgburn so i can burn dual layer regards ? do i use dvdshrink to make iso or do i se a 3rd party proggy like magiciso or is there someway within imgburn
  6. snapper

    devices not found - win 98

    Hi Help Just loaded latest release imgburn devices not found Any advice appreciated pioner dvd ao6 lg dvd rom win 98 aspi 4,7 regards

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