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  1. Cheers. Its option 1 for me!
  2. HI Guys, Havent been on the forum for a while. Just used imgburn today to produce an ISO from a DVD file. It appears to produce the ISO file which I was expecting but also posted an MDS file. Do I need both now? cheers
  3. the olde

    ISO creation

    Many thanks, thats what I used to do put prefer to have just the one ISO file.
  4. the olde

    ISO creation

    Hi, I know this question doesnt really relate to IMGBURN but they are sort og connected! Its the latest versions of DVDFAB free. It doesnt create an ISO image any more. Does any one know why, is it a bug or just removed from program? It was handy as a one stop to ISO from DVD. Another question if i use build on IMGBURN to create an ISO do I just import the VIdeo TS files in? Many thanks
  5. Added my old benq IDE drive to the rig & guess what, it reads & burns quicker than the new drive on the sata port!! The Benq is 4 years old!
  6. Cheers for the info, All the chipset drivers are up to date & or graphics drivers. Getting arounf 13.67MB/s read on a DVD this morning, does this sound about correct? Thanks
  7. Hi, Built my new rig, everthing ok except very slow/poor disk reading problem. Takes ages to load a game etc. Both the HD & DVD rom drive are now sata connected. The motherboard bios says they are both master on the different sata ports, is this correct? The old IDE required master & or slave drive to work correctly. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, going for either the 7201S or 7200S, 7201s has lightsribe plus bundled with Nero for very little extra. Is the 7201S ok or should I stick with the 7200? Use -Media Many thanks
  9. Cheers for the info, SATA over IDE now?
  10. Hi, not sure this is the best place for this but help required please. Looking to build a new PC with all new drives. Any suggestions with regard to the best ones at the moment? I have been using a Benq & NEC which were brilliant but a few years old now. Many than ks
  11. sorry, will img burn do vobs to iso? cheers
  12. the olde


    what happened? unable to find you for several days?
  13. Crikes away for a month and the forum goes WW3. its the NTSC/PAL problem. Used to have a cheap portable TV would always display black & white, but a decent sony would handle the ntsc format and export in colour. this gnob could always try buying decent equipment, if money is a problem he could try sperm donation to raise some cash, dont think they yet screen for stupidness.
  14. Am I right in thinking its now best to leave on this auto setting and let the software decide the correct speed for media? Used to burn at half disc rated speed for best results.
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