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    ImgBurn v1.3.0.0 Released!

    Nice job .... keep it up ...
  2. Jernej

    Full Nero image file support

    Thanx for reply ...
  3. Is that planned to happen soon ? It is really awkward when you want to burn an audio image file (nero image file format) and the ImgBurn just won't alllow it ... I read a topic concerning this, but there is now rather old and at the time it was told, that this feature is coming up soon... I have sent the same question, as I am asking now, to Lightning UK but got no answer so far, so I thought I would be more noticable, if I posted the question here. Thanx for all the replies and I would especially like to here from the author of this great progy.
  4. Jernej

    ImgBurn v1.2.0.0 Released!

    Great job m8 !!!
  5. Jernej

    Donation suggestion

    Could that happen ?
  6. Jernej

    Donation suggestion

    http://www.moneybookers.com/ <- That's what I had in my mind.
  7. Jernej

    synchronize cache is stuck!!

    I have a 4 year-old NEC NR-9100 OEM ( came with my Dell OptiPlex 260 ) that still works as on the day it was manufactured. No problems with any media or software. Such excellent experience with NEC gave me an easy answer, when I was deciding to buy a DVD burner - I bought NEC 3540A. Since I wanted to keep my internal Lite-On DVD-ROM, which really proved well with playing many movies on many different media, I also bought Canyon's 5.25" Aluminium external enclosure ( this baby also works without any problems in Suse Linux 9.3 ... ), which also "transformed" my IDE drive to USB device ( enclosure has integrated circuit to convert IDE -> USB interface ). I was burning movies and I still do with ImgBurn with light speed ( 16,1 ? !!!!! ) on Verbatim DVD-R 4,7GB media ... Absolutely no problems AT ALL, even under Wine !!!! Cheers to LIGHTNING UK! !!!
  8. Jernej

    Microsoft Forget To Put Protection On XBOX 360 Disc

    Billy is full of surprises ...

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