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  1. Jerseyguy

    Play your old cassettes on Pc

    just how old are you??
  2. Jerseyguy

    Some Aussie slang...

    well it still goes on today..pollywog to shellback i went through it back in the 80's..and my kid will be going through it soon..but it has gotten easier its not as bad as it used to be.
  3. Jerseyguy

    santa's on his way..

    this one cracked me up
  4. Jerseyguy

    Private use of fireworks to be banned in NZ?

    get used to it ! its all to protect the children #39;( here in New Jersey they are illegal, you cant buy them sell them use them or anything But for a person living in Pennsylvania it is illegal to buy them, but they can sell them,and they can use them.
  5. Jerseyguy

    What do the abbrev. mean on the forums?

  6. Jerseyguy

    The Top Ten Overall Posters

    i bet im in the bottom 5...
  7. Jerseyguy

    Birthday wishes

    Happy birthday Pain man!!!
  8. Jerseyguy

    We used to play chicken......

    my father would take us to Newark airport when we were young, there was a bridge at the end of a runway the planes would take off and be about 75 feet above us. talk about loud!
  9. Jerseyguy

    Housing Prices

    country.. usa state.. new jersey county Middlesex avg house size, many different sizes my main house about 3000sq ft 3 bedrooms 1 bath 1 garage property size 100x150 price now about $400,000,00 no mortgage on this one tax per year $4500 utilities about $500 a month other house i own about 1700sq ft 2 bedrooms 1 bath no garage property size 40x70 (townhouse) price now $300,000,00 tax per year $4700 i rent it out for $1500 per month (no utilities) in a word if you move to nj your gonna pay!
  10. Jerseyguy

    do i need this?

    was justwondering if i needed one of these? http://www.ohgizmo.com/2006/10/01/dvd-rewinder/
  11. Jerseyguy

    self parking car

    oh boy my wifes gonna want one... see vid near bottom http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-ga...-lexus-ls-460-l
  12. Jerseyguy

    Cornfest 2006

    i go away for a little while...and when i come back .. its still corny...
  13. Jerseyguy

    Happy Birthday G5_MYM !!!

    Good Luck on you big day!!! Just a question... will these pics be from the wedding night or the honeymoon?
  14. Jerseyguy

    Happy Birthday G5_MYM !!!

    i was wondering if my life insurance would cover me..because the wife wanted to kill me..
  15. Jerseyguy

    Happy Birthday G5_MYM !!!

    hey guys..sorry i havnt been around much..i have been busy with work and stuff..i put a small ad in a weekly newspaper for computer repairs..and it seems like everyones computer broke..at the same time..at one point i had 12 systems in the house and the wife flipped out..so i made a room in the basement and have been working there..its amazing how little people know about computers. i have managed to make some money doing it.. and have got a grip on how many i can handle in a week..so things are getting better..i can finnaly turn my computer on to come here thanks for missing me!
  16. Jerseyguy

    Happy Birthday G5_MYM !!!

    happy birthday !!!
  17. Jerseyguy

    4th July

    Happy 4th to all!!! now back outside for some drinking and playing with rockets....
  18. Jerseyguy

    Firefox Extensions

    found on another site.. http://www.econsultant.com/i-want-firefox-...sion/index.html
  19. Jerseyguy

    What a Bunch of CRAP!

    i had one of those players.. still have the dvds hoping that some day i will find out how to get them to play again..
  20. Jerseyguy

    What every computer needs

    http://www.xoxide.com/xray1.html here it is but cheaper
  21. Jerseyguy

    Irish the world's loneliest Web users - Google

    you could say the same thing about America..if you were not born here its great...
  22. Jerseyguy

    Sony Playstation 3 Prices

    some better pics of it...im still not gonna buy it
  23. Jerseyguy


    saw this on another site.... http://www.econsultant.com/i-want-freeware...ties/index.html
  24. Jerseyguy


    a warm can of bud ill take..keep the aol cd's! i remember it... dont see many smokestacks around here anymore..it helps to live 10 miles from the beach..
  25. Jerseyguy

    Star Trek Rumor

    No... not blind... merely... obeying... must obey... I see and obey... "Now, we're Cold Slither; you'll be joining us soon!" send me your send me your

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