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  1. Happy Birthday Kev, sorry it's late, been on holidays for a couple weeks and my Crackberry goes through the company firewall, and blocks IB's forum.
  2. Thanks Guys! I'M SENDING THIS FROM MY PS3 and using the joystick to type. Just got awireless router that actually works, first tried a Lynksis 54wrtg job that actually managed to duff up the computers connection too. Tried a DLink 615 next, and was rolling in 10 minutes.
  3. What exactly is pleurisy? And how are you doing now? I assume your a fan of government medicare now ? Up here the bill would have been zero, irreguardless of whether you have third party insurance or not. That only helps for private rooms, TV's in your hospital room, and ambulance rides up here in the GWN. Not totally true, medicine at home isn't all covered, but the Gov keeps it cheap, alot of Americans have been buying online from Canada to save $.
  4. The made in India DL's use exactly the same media ID. So far I've burnt 30 of the Indian jobs, no problems, except if you burn them too fast the house starts to smell of curry. I prefer the MIT's, but they are getting harder to find.
  5. Just bot a XBox 360 HD DVD drive for $50 off ebay (with remote), going to give it a try on my computer.
  6. You can get brand new players at brick and mortar shops here in Canada for $99 right now, comes with 2 free HD DVD's in the box too.
  7. I've been buying up HD DVD's off ebay, some silly bastards are dumping them for cents on the dollar. Their loss is my gain . I even got a Toshiba HD-XA2 for dirt cheap!
  8. Grain

    Still Alive & Kicking

    Hi jmet! I can't access IB's forums at work either, haven't been able to for over a year. As I'm supposed to be setting an example there, I haven't tried getting around the company firewall.
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