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  1. rscottdrysdale

    DVD playback (not really an ImgBurn problem)

    i found the problem, and it's NOT the drive. the machine i'm having trouble with has two displays (built-in intel chipset (main) and ATI radeon (tv output)). if i start playback on the main screen and drag the window to the tv screen, i get grey menus. if i start playback on the tv screen, it's ok. so apparently VLC has trouble rethinking things when you move the playback window.
  2. I've got two machines with DVD burners. One at my desk with a TSST SH-S223F, one in my stereo rack with a Lite-On DH-20A3H. Both machines are P4 with 1G RAM and WinXP (desk machine XP pro, stereo machine XP home). Both have VLC 1.0.1 installed. I updated both drives' firmware a few months ago. I've never had trouble playing DVDs in either machine until now. I happened to try Mars Attacks. It works fine in VLC on the machine with the TSST drive, but on the machine with the Lite-On drive, I get music but just a grey screen where the menu should be. I quickly popped 10 or so other DVDs into the machine exhibiting the problem, and all brought their menus up properly. I even tried a (gasp) copy of the Mars Attacks DVD, with the same results - plays fine in the machine with the TSST drive, grey screen with music on the machine with the Lite-On drive. Just tried it on my Ubuntu machine with 0.9.9 (or so) VLC, and Mars Attacks works there. I have no clue how to ask Ubuntu what model drive (DVD-ROM, not a burner) is on that machine. any ideas? and yes, i also posted this on the VLC forum
  3. rscottdrysdale

    New I/O error

    read the pink box ^^^ up there...
  4. rscottdrysdale reading long audio CD on NEC 466 CD-ROM confuses ImgBurn

    yeah, but you shouldn't go into "do nothing forever" mode in any case. bad programmer! bad!
  5. drive: my old friend, the NEC 466 SCSI CD-ROM. media: a CD with 74..80 minutes of music (around 77 minutes in this case) and more than 9 tracks. EAC can make an image of the disc from the NEC drive without problems. i don't know if this problem occurs because of the hex/decimal track number problem or the disc being > 74 minutes. I 11:08:41 ImgBurn Version started! I 11:08:41 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 11:08:41 Total Physical Memory: 1,014,504 KB - Available: 303,712 KB I 11:08:41 Initialising SPTI... I 11:08:41 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 11:08:41 Found 1 CD-ROM and 1 DVD
  6. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    whiskey tango foxtrot, over? okay, i did some more tests. cast of characters: ImgBurn: CD1: original damaged CD (INXS - Listen Like Thieves) CD2: another manufactured CD (Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear) CD3: clone#1 of CD1. i forget if it was made with EAC or ImgBurn and from/to which drive, so... CD4: clone#2 of CD1. read by ImgBurn with LiteOn drive, burned by ImgBurn with TSST drive. NEC: external SCSI (via adaptec 2906) NEC 466 CD-ROM (FW 1.06) TSST: SATA TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F (FW SB03) LiteOn: IDE LiteOn DH20A3H (FW YY11). this drive was originally Ativa branded, but has been brainwashed. computer1: Intel mobo, P4HT 3.2GHz, 1G RAM, WinXP, hosts NEC and TSST (and three DAT drives - two for audio, one for backup). computer2: Dell 2350, P4 2.8GHz, 1G RAM, WinXP, hosts LiteOn. reading with NEC: CD1: FAIL CD2: OK (!!!!) CD3: FAIL CD4: FAIL reading CD1-4 with any other drive (TSST, LiteOn): all OK. so it seems that the INXS CD and the NEC just don't get along at all. each time it fails, the problem is: I 10:17:11 Operation Started! I 10:17:11 Source Device: [4:4:0] NEC CD-ROM DRIVE:466 1.06 (E:) (SCSI) I 10:17:11 Source Media Type: CD-ROM I 10:17:11 Source Media Sectors: 167,695 I 10:17:11 Source Media Size: 394,418,640 bytes I 10:17:11 Source Media File System(s): None I 10:17:11 Read Speed (Data/Audio): MAX / MAX I 10:17:11 Destination File: G:\llt liteon - nec.bin I 10:17:11 Destination Free Space: 119,768,334,336 Bytes (116,961,264 KB) (114,219 MB) (111 GB) I 10:17:11 Destination File System: NTFS I 10:17:11 File Splitting: Auto I 10:17:41 Reading Session 1 of 1... (11 Tracks, LBA: 0 - 249186, MCN: 0075678127724) W 10:17:41 Failed to Read Sector 0 - Reason: Illegal Mode For This Track I 10:17:41 Reading Track 1 of 11... (AUDIO/2352, LBA: 0 - 17584) W 10:17:41 Retrying (1 of 20)... W 10:17:41 Retry Failed - Reason: Illegal Mode For This Track W 10:17:41 Retrying (2 of 20)... ... W 10:17:41 Retry Failed - Reason: Illegal Mode For This Track W 10:17:41 Retrying (20 of 20)... W 10:17:41 Retry Failed - Reason: Illegal Mode For This Track E 10:20:52 Failed to Read Sector 0 - Reason: Illegal Mode For This Track E 10:20:52 Failed to Read Sectors! I 10:20:52 Exporting Graph Data... I 10:20:52 Graph Data File: C:\Documents and Settings\enduser\Application Data\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\NEC_CD-ROM_DRIVE-466_1.06_TUESDAY-JULY-28-2009_10-17_AM_N-A.ibg I 10:20:52 Export Successfully Completed! E 10:20:52 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:03:41 E 10:20:52 Average Read Rate: N/A - Maximum Read Rate: N/A is it possible there's some kind of primitive copy protection (or just a mastering goof) on the INXS CD? note that the damage to the disc (where my stereo-component DVD player skips and the TSST skips) is 75% into track 9 of 11, so i don't think any critical data is damaged on the disc. would you like me to send you a copy of the image file, or does this go into the "too weird, enough time wasted" file? EDIT: note that EAC can read CD1-4 just fine from the NEC drive...
  7. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    just to clarify - it's a "good thing" after flashing the Ativa with LiteOn YP5W firmware (going backwards to make it appear to be a LiteOn drive instead of Ativa), then flashing with LiteOn YY11 firmware.
  8. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    another strike against it. i would've been happy to run any experimental code here. but i understand the value of having a "problem" drive available for debug and especially regression testing. do you ever have marathon "try every drive we have" sessions?
  9. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    i must have had my head up my ass when i wrote that. EAC *cannot* get a clean image from the damaged CD using the TSST drive. i guess with the pile of various images from various drives and various programs using various settings, i looked at the wrong one. both EAC and ImgBurn can get a clean read of the damaged disc (even at 24x speed) on the LiteOn DH20A3H in another machine. so what have i learned? 1) the TSST SH-S223F CD/DVD burner is really awful at reading audio CDs. 2) the LiteOn DH20A3H / Ativa DH-3H20A CD/DVD burner is a good thing. 3) the NEC 466 CD-ROM is an oldie but goodie. 4) in my experience, ImgBurn works just was well as EAC when reading a damaged disc. there may be exceptions. 5) ImgBurn *still* can't use my NEC 466 CD-ROM
  10. rscottdrysdale

    Can't change book type "no additional sense information"

    using YP5W then YY11 did the trick. thanks! LiteOn DH-20A3H (Lightscribe)
  11. rscottdrysdale

    Can't change book type "no additional sense information"

    i have an ativa DH-3H20A (which is apparently a LiteOn DH-3H20A). it currently has YX13 firmware. when i attempt to upgrade to the YY11 firmware, i run into problems. 1) running YY11.exe says "no matched drive detected". 2) ltnfw.exe ("Flash Tool for LiteON-made Drives v1.0.0") won't let me select the yy11.exe. if i type that filename in manually, it says it's updating the firmware, but the progress bar goes to 98% and it just sits there for a LONG TIME. finally power cycled the computer, and things were as before. 3) flash_utility.exe ("Flash Utility for LiteOn Based Optical Drives v3.0.3") says (when given yy11.exe) "the firmware was not found in the specified file! make sure the file is not compressed." any ideas?
  12. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    NEC & TSST both say "Read command MMC1". to get the TSST drive working with EAC, i installed the nero wnaspi32.dll alongside eac.exe, so EAC is using that. ImgBurn is using the microsoft interface. i had not yet tried that. but when i try now, it doesn't seem to be paying attention... 1) select menu "Mode/Read" 2) in the "Settings" box at the bottom right, i see "Read Speed X / Y" and "Add to Write Queue When Done". if i change both X and Y to 1x and start the read, it'll quickly get to 8x anyway. is there some other knob i need to frob?
  13. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    just some observations from other tests i've done with the damaged cd. remember i have two drives attached to this machine - the internal TSST DVD/CD burner and external SCSI NEC CD-ROM. The Lite-On drive previously mentioned is in a different computer. SUMMARY OF OLD OBSERVATIONS PREVIOUSLY POSTED: 1) making an image of the damaged disc with ImgBurn from the TSST drive creates images with skips (errors). ImgBurn reports no errors. 2) making an image of the damaged disc with EAC from the NEC drive creates perfect images. EAC was reading at 2.5X, and it's "error correction" lights never lit up. NEW OBSERVATIONS: 1) the damaged CD plays fine in windows media player from the TSST drive, obviously at 1X speed. "enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device" is checked, so windows is reading the audio data over the SATA bus. 2) ripping the damaged track from the TSST drive with windows media player results in a file with skips. it ripped quickly, not sure what speed. no errors reported. 3) ripping the damaged track from the NEC drive with windows media player results in a perfect file. it ripped more slowly than the TSST, not sure what speed. 4) i figured out how to get EAC to see the TSST drive. when i create an image of the damaged CD with EAC from the TSST drive, it makes a perfect image. EAC was reading at 8x, and it's "error correction" lights never lit up. CONCLUSIONS: 1) if ImgBurn could use my antique CD-ROM, i wouldn't need EAC. 2) it is possible to get good audio from the TSST drive, cuz EAC can do it and 1x playback can do it. is there any development effort planned for ImgBurn to improve audio reads? perfectly understandable if not, as you appear to be concentrating on the bleeding edge of things, not the old rusty edge. but fixing either of these would induce me to send another donation
  14. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    duh. i didn't notice the (new to me) "create image" button in EAC. i used EAC to make an image of the defective disc from the NEC SCSI CD-ROM, and burned it with ImgBurn to the TSST DVD/CD burner. result: perfect CD! EAC's "error correction" stuff didn't even light up. i guess the antique CD-ROM is really good at handling errors itself, which more than makes up for it's BLAZING 2.5X speed! thanks for your attention and patience. ps: it would be nice if the "Ignore CDDA data" button had a name that gave a better clue as to what it does pps: automatically handling the "sample offset" problem wouldn't be hard - grab a big chunk of data once each from A and B, and slide one back and forth -512..512 bytes while comparing to automatically find the offset. use that offset until next operation (ie, until drive/disc/image file changes).
  15. rscottdrysdale

    copying damaged CDs, SCSI CD ROM

    my tests so far have been with "Ignore CD-DA Data" checked (apparently the default, as i don't remember changing anything in there). with it unchecked, i do indeed get miscompares (starting at LBA 126565 offset 2310). happy happy, joy joy!

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