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  1. "It does not. You've given money to a parasite. Nobody cares if you use the program without throwing a few dollars at the author." I apologize to begin with but the statement was made in jest and with a with a little levity. At the time I made it I DID think I made a legitimate purchase and I DO appreciate you getting me straight on this but you could do it in a little bettr manner. I, in all honesty felt paying a FULL price for something did help a cause and was more than happy to help. I have already contacted my bank, sent a nasty email to COPYTHATGAME, and trying to fin out who else I can notify to help save this embarrasement. Have a good day............
  2. One of the decisive factors in purchasing this software was that it would back-up the game disks that I have, and I have quite a few, and to keep them in good condition, I would like to back them up, so I purchased it. I have tried all settings that I can and I may be missing something but every time it tries to read the disk, it tells me "The disk is copy protected. Copy protection system type XBOX 360. Sorry, Imageburn cannot handle copy protected disks." Am I missing something here in the settings or did I missread the specs of the software? I am needing some help here and would appreciate all that you can give. Thanks in advance Z
  3. I guess purchasing the software at full price constitutes a donation does it not ? .....LOL... Sorry, I had to put that in. I am not unhappy at all about the price I paid. This is great software and as soon as I learn how to us it better, it will be more fantastic. I am going to look for the right forum to ask my questions and try to make my posts correct. Thanks for some great software and looking forward to some great use out of it. Z
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