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  1. maybe they block everything with the word 'forum' in the url? Want me to make another one up? :whistling:


    I think it is the forum bit it doesn't like boss - I can access the www.imgburn.com site with no probs at all ! If you have any way round this please let me know



  2. Cheers all - I am sure I only have one a year boss but they do seem to be coming round a bit quick these days !! :D


    Still a few years away from the next big one so it's a quiet one this time - got a sailing day with work tomorrow with free bar in the evening so going to make use of that....


    Apologies for my sparse appearances here, work have the forum blocked as a chat room these days (I blame volvo) and I have been struggling to get on any of the forums due to long working days... I am sure it's the same for all of you.

  3. Older writers can have problems with new media codes and not fully support them. Only by using them it's possible to know if they work or not. I couldn't find any posts on the net from someone that have used them and posted about hem.


    The ones that only writes at 2.4 speed have been around longer and therefore have better support on older writers.





    Cough ! post-2-1223995127.png


    My Liteon seems to like the new DVD+R DLs, true the scan above doesn't have a jitter reading (which would bring the score down a little) but that aside I am impressed with the 8 or so I have burnt so far. :)

  4. It sounds like your drive doesn't like them...... Can you open ImgBurn and then pop a disc that will burn in the drive, next can you copy and paste the log from the bottom window of the ImgBurn GUI into your next post here ?


    This will tell us what drive model you have and also the firmware that it's currently using, it might be that the FW needs updating to burn the discs you have bought.


    Generally speaking we only recommend the Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer discs (MKM-001) dye made in Singapore.

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