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  1. Ephestione

    Disc Spanning?

    You have failed at copying the whole line from that page, the text had to be scrolled and you reported only the part viewable on screen. Anyway, the line, taken out of context, is pretty useless, as it contains an hard-coded path which is likely to be different in different configurations... so the link to my page, which you wisely added, is more appropriately followed in its entirety But thanks for citing my guide nonetheless!
  2. Ephestione

    Batch-create iso files?

    A guide regarding this aspect can be found at http://www.ephestione.it/how-to-use-imgburn-for-batch-buildcreateburn-iso-to-backup-to-dvd/, hope you find it useful (updated link to new wordpress site)
  3. Ephestione

    Build Mode Queue Support

    I created on my website a guide to batch build and burn ISOs with imgburn (updated website to wordpress, hence updated also link )

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