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  1. thank you very much,it worked perfectly.
  2. nope they arent on the same cable and the dma is enabled. i just tested imgburn in a clean xp sp2 installation and the same thing happens.i dont maybe 50mb filesize isnt my lucky number
  3. hi i would like to ask about a rare weird situation i am facing when burning dvds. although my pc is old,i have never faced buffer underun problems,except when i have to burn dvd compilations which consist of about 120-130 files with an average filesize of 50mb. if i burn dvd compilations of a few large files,or individual iso files or even compilations of thousands small files,i never encounter buffern underuns. but when i try to burn 100 files of 50mb each,then my hdd keeps causing a lot of underuns and my 8x burning process lasts even an hour. so just from curiosity,could u tell me what might cause this? i mean if my pc/win xp/hdd configuration couldnt handle the writing speed,i would have buffer underun problems with all the kind of dvd compliations.but the strange thing is that it happens only when burning about 100 files of 50mb. i tried to burn with 2x writing speed,i increased the buffer size,i even defraged and closed all the unessecary programs before burning,but still the buffer underuns occur,and they are lots of them so any idea why is this happening?
  4. hi i would like to know if its possible to transfer my personal settings that i have set to imgburn,from one pc to another. or do i have to manually reconfigure again imgburn in the new pc? i checked for any kind of files which keep the imgburn configuration,in the applcation data and the program files folders of imgburn,but i didnt find anything. in the two pc,i run win xp sp2
  5. hey thanks.the command line language works fine. but i have a qustion about the batch file. when i run it,instead of running each job at a time,it starts all the jobs simultaneously which mean imgburn opens many windows. if i put the pause command,for example: start imgburn etc etc /close pause start imgburn etc etc /close then the batch does wait for me to press a key to continue to the next job. but i wonder if there is another way i can make the batch file to run the jobs as a queue without having to press any key,or the pause command is the only solution?
  6. hi guys. i would like your help about a problem i have. first of all,i find imgburn's function to autoqueue and autoburn iso files,fantastic.its a real time saver and moreover it helps me to organize my burned dvds better. what i miss,and i dont know if some other program can handle it,is the ability to autocreate iso files from specific folders with a very ittle involvement from my part. i ll explain what i mean. i have one main folder,with subfolders named data1,data2,data3 etc.all the subfolders have data whose size doesnt exceed the capacity of a dvd disk.in other words,the subfolders are ready to get burned,which i always do using the build mode of imgburn. now i wonder if there is a program,which can automaticaly get each subfolder and create an iso of it with the label of the subfolder. for example i run the program,i insert the subfolders,it takes the first subfolder data1,it creates an iso file with the name data1,then it takes the subfolder data2,it creates an iso file with the name data2,and so on. i know that ultraiso,folder2iso,mkisofs,etc create iso files from folders.i want something similar with the ability to batch-create iso files from folders. please if u can help me with this,u will make burning a lot easier for me.because for now what i do,is to run the buld mode from imgburn,add the data1 folder,burn the disk,then remove the data1 folder,add the data2 folder,make a new burn,and so on. if i can combine the iso autoqueue function of the imgburn with the iso autocreate function of some other program,i would be a very very happy man. pls help.
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