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    BenQ 1640 Question

    I will check my QSuite defaults again and give it a try.
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    I have been using Firefox for 6 months. Funny thing, every since I started using it I do not have to put up with pop ups and the like. I use the Adblock Plus extension and it eliminates about 98% of the crap I used to have to put up with in IE. For sites that need IE, I installed IE view. You can add IE sites that refuse to render in Firefox and it automatically makes the switch seamless. In addition, there is IE tab that allows IE to open in a tab. I am not going back to the clunky IE and have become a Firefox fan. I have 42 extensions installed and it works great.
  3. ScottyDog

    BenQ 1640 Question

    Does ImgBurn activate Solid Burn for supported disc before beginning the burn? The reason I ask, is I Have been using Nero Burning Rom_v7 and with my 16x media it has been burning at between 12x-16x with Solid Burn deactivated on supported media. When I turn on Solid burn it always reduces the speed to 4x with this media. I just tried out ImgBurn with the speed set to 12x on the first and max on the second. Both images burned at 4x max. I am wondering if ImgBurn invokes Solid Burn which would explain the slow burns?

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