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    availible output formats?

    @Lightning UK, My apoligies,you were correct on the disc image. As I updated my other apps I simply looked at the date on the VCD as 2009 and did not realize it was an update for my older version and skipped over it. This time when I installed I did not associate any files with it what does this mean when I complete my next iso with image burn that I will have to pick a program file association or will it just put a Image burn icon next to it.? Now that I have downloaded and installed the new version and unassociated I was able to go in and delete the ISO and MDS that I couldn't do before. @scuzzy, Am unable to check if after the new download and disassociation if I was able to now open it with VLC as I deleted the ISO and MDS. Thank you but yes I am aware that I can right click and open with VLC, but on that particular one it would not let me do it becaause it would not unmount from VCD and that is what started the concern.
  2. dragonslayer

    availible output formats?

    While going thru the motions of copying dvd's thru the years I never really payed much attention to the output as long as they played back. I am now interested in learning more of the in's and out's of what I am doing and all the possibilities/capibilities of what is availible. While in the start I like alot of others used Nero and was subsequently tied to their software for playback. I see now that using Imageburn for ISO output is saving it in Virtual Clone Drive format and I am curious as to how it decided to save it to that format and weather that is selectable/changable.
  3. dragonslayer

    availible output formats?

    Thank you; Yes, you are correct in the problem with Virtual Clone Drive. You answered my question now I will move to the slysoft forums to start the next step of troubleshooting. BTW there is no system tray application nor will it load one.
  4. dragonslayer

    availible output formats?

    So there is nothing in the Imgburn program that I check/uncheck to save it as a generic ISO format that does not require it to use a particular program to open it? The reason that I ask is because I am unable to unmount an image from VirtualCloneDrive in order to delete it. I used AnyDVD to process then used imageburn to make an iso, which it saved in the VCD format. I tried to use VCD to mount and play it to see if all went well; it mounted it but that is all it did. I used VLC to check playback and it worked fine and so I transferred to my daughter's media player and attempted to delete the iso from my hdd, which it would not allow me to do, because it was in use by another program. From there I attempted to unmount it from VCD and it does not give me a right click function to unmount nor can I change the virtual drive from "E" to "Z". I have all these iso's in VCD association and there appears to be a problem with it so that is why I am attempting to disassociate them and go in another direction.
  5. dragonslayer

    x64 advantages

    Otn, I just wouldn't like to see ImgBurn go the way of many other non-supported softwares that were excellent and useless today. I've run many burning copying apps., even one that was given free because of a question I pointed out that never was asked, and still Imgburn reminds me to stop wasting my time w/them. Reason being that whether or not they have different features, if the damn thing isn't compatible w/my PC than it's useless. ImgBurn never worked because of incompatibility, or some other crazy bug causing my system to go bonkers. I'll ride it till it hits the beach like the saying goes. Hopefully it will take it's time to reach shore or never will. I have been using Vista Ultimate x64 for over a year now, because I forsaw where the OS was headed; that is why I am waiting for Windows 8 before another OS change. Anyways from the getgo I installed IMGburn and have used it successfully since then, with no hicups or problems. If you are having problems that it is with your system and not from the program. To me it is a very easy to use program that does what it was designed for with minimal effort. BTW Lightning UK, thank you for a great free program.
  6. dragonslayer

    ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 Released!

    had a need to build 1 video file from different VOB folders, ended up using nero to accomplish the task because couldn't get image burn to allow me to import multiple VOB files. Wanted to make an image using image burn, but it wouldn't recognize the output Nero .nrg file, is this corect or did I not check a box somewhere?

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