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  1. OMG! Thanks Shamus! I now have some new insults to hurl at my ex next time he comes crying at my door!
  2. If you tell me your single then that does it! I'm moving there!
  3. Cami

    ImgBurn on Linux

    As soon as I get a new stack of blanks that are actually worth a damn I've got about 30 to 40 ISOs I need to burn along with several dozen gigs of files to back up. All of these reside on my Debian/Ubuntu and OpenSuse boxes. Is there any thing in particular you would like us to watch for? Any feed back other then "yay! it worked" you'd like to know about?
  4. Nothing says ya gotta look like Hugh Jackman... A great sense of humor goes a long way.... But having a body like Hugh Jackman will improve your chances
  5. I overheard a drunk guy say one time while feeling up a particularly unattractive woman "Beauty is in the eye of the booty holder" I hear a few stout drinks can alter ones perception of beauty. Beer goggles anyone?
  6. When someone comes in and says something like "I know you all worship Verbatim" One could conclude that they already got their answer. You see, the interwebz has this really cool feature called search engines and honestly I haven't had any trouble finding an answer to any particular question since the early 90's (no snide comments about my age). I think "you get what you pay for" was a pretty adequate answer.
  7. Yeah ya know, I don't get the appeal... to me by the looks of some of the "big butt" women it would be like mounting a Volkswagen
  8. like I siad... full of WIN! and about my arse... who wants a fat ass girl anyway?
  9. Well now that's not to say you local guys aren't... I just know that the guys from down under aren't close enough to make me pony up on my flirts.
  10. Yet another reason I love this app. Awesome support! I am having the exact same problem but I am 99.999% sure its the media I'm trying to use. (memorex 8X DL) I'm going to pick up a different brand Monday, Verbatim more then likely. Thanks for the awesome support Lightning! P.S. for the record I'm using a Samsung Writemaster (TSSTcorpCD/DVDW) Just cleaned it and upgraded the firmware to SH-S182D
  11. lol, well now that would be one rather large phone bill wouldn't it? Australia to the US... But I think Aussie's are hot! But seriously, this app rocks! It even burned to some crappy Memorex DL disk that I thought I was going to have to trash.
  12. I know others have posted singing the praises of ImgBurn but I felt it was worth making a new thread just so Lightning UK knows just how much I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into writing such a wonderful tool. Your awesome and I'm a single lady Ok that was a bit too come on-ish, but seriously this program works great on every OS I've installed it on which include Windows 7, Windows 2k, Windows XP(64 bit and 32 bit) and Ubuntu 9.04 (under WINE) I'll be tossing some "pennies in the bucket" as soon as I get back into the workforce. Thank you so much! -Cami
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