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  1. Finaly with the version this problem is resolved and the changelog is amazing... thanks LIGHTNING UK!
  2. Erton

    Change Volume Label

    Formats: Espa
  3. Erton

    Change Volume Label

    the ntfs file system does and iso 9660 too (when you allow special characters), i'm really sure any one else pass the same think?
  4. you're absolutely right, in fact i know your program because that! I explain to you: i generally modify cds's images and once modified I like that there be the most similar possible to the original and your program is in fact the only one that allow. In the original microsoft iso images the fields are filled, and don't remember any other but they filled by others, games maybe? Gretings from Chile
  5. Erton

    ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 Released!

    You are the best! now is my defaut program for build cd and dvd! Thanks
  6. Perhaps it is easy to implement it or maybe not, but I think it would be a great improvement to your program: Allow DOS/ASCII Characters in ISO9660 Labels if DOS/ASCII is Set, because if one is already allowing DOS/ASCII characters in the file system, why do not the labels? Another thing I wanted to ask why it is so if one leaves the Volumes Identifiers in white, 2 of them are filled with: Volume Set: UNDEFINED Application: IMGBURN V2.4.4.0 - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER! respectively, it would be nice to come pre-filled data and if one could remove what I want, not vice versa. In addittion could be implemented to filling the data: Copyright, Abstract and Bibliographic who would like to fill them. Greetings from Chile!!!

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