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  1. I love ImgBurn, thank you for this wonderful tool. I wonder if you might consider adding a lightscribe burn option in the future? I hope they have published their interface as to how to make it work. If not I hope someone clever does and simply makes-it-work for people. I do NOT want to buy nero or have to stick with my bundled crap on my laptop just to be able to label my disks. It would be nice to have something just Burn an already jpg or bmp onto the disk. People have different ideas about JPG compression, such that some programs on opening and closing modify the picture with more or less compression to the point that you have a hard time reading tiny fonts with them. I think a monochrome bmp file, although a bit LARGE would be a good format to standardise to use with a quick labeling program.
  2. I have used ImgBurn on a laptop to burn two DVD's at the same time. You have to use two instances of ImgBurn, ie OPEN the Program Twice. I was using Vista home premium with only 2gig of ram and only a single hard drive. Once I thought that it would work BEST by burning two different ISO images to DVD so that if the external drive got ahead of the internal drive, there wouldnt be thrashing of the hard drive to provide data for both as they would be trying to read different parts of the same file eventually as the faster one got ahead. Well, That didnt seem to be the case when I tried burning the SAME ISO file. It didnt change the speed of the burning for either drive at all. I usually burn somewhat slowly so 15 minutes for a DVD on the laptop and 6 Minutes for the external DVD. I always let them verify and when I am burning the SAME ISO to different drives I wait until the slower one is done burning and then switch the disks in the drives so I am verifying with one drive what the other one wrote. It seemed to allay my fears about high speed writing so now I only use the internal one when I'm not near the external. I have a belkin USB network drive box which allows USB devices to be connected to the network and although I wouldnt trust the combination of Vista and Itunes with my music collection over it anymore I would say it works well with ImgBurn which is nice. :sidebar1: You cant allow vista's indexer to be on when moving wav files with itunes because vista is stupid and wants to index the CONTENTS of a wav file... . Vista's USB hard drive performance is already bad, adding the remote Network attached USB only made things worse. I had to disable the indexer, disable short 8dot3 filename creation and also last-access-date timestamping in Vista. This and housebreaking the indexer or banishing it stops the infamous green-ribbon-of-death crash that vista is infamous for. Not many people see it, but it is a problem for Vista. :end: I will be testing ImgBurn with both Win7 RC and Win7 RC1:Build7264 and the wireless network usb with BOTH recorders and then More recorders simultaneously so I will be back with news about how well it all works with them soon. The belkin box has 5 USB 2 ports but it actually can work with lots more things plugged into it because unlike some simple NAS-like options on some wap-routers which cant have a hub plugged into the usb ports, each port on the belkin box allows a hub, as long as you have enough power. I have used both powered and unpowered hubs on the box and as long as it's usb 2.0 it runs nice. I'll let you know how many disks I can burn at once. I'm sure wireless speed may be the only limiting factor. Its nice to have a great free program able to burn on multiple burners like ImgBurn can. I dont really have all that great of a laptop, it's not a Lenovo its just an HP, but I can do two hard drives in it if I buy some silly adapter frame. I'm recommending Imgburn to everyone, and to make a donation!
  3. Ive seen LOTS of BIOS's that have in the BOOT ORDER page an option for USB FLOPPY along with the CD, HDD, NetworkBOOT, and USB HDD settings. IMSI and HP (laptop), HP tower, and Compaq tower. In the old days there were like, two major BIOS's, Phonenix and Award. I would imagine even something slightly older would boot from a USB floppy even without it explicitly having a USB FLOPPY option. Just remember to set the Order of your Boot Settings so that Floppy is before and HDD ( hard disk drive ). If you have a HDD installed with it set higher than your USB FLOPPY (or FLOPPY for older BIOS) It will never boot from your floppy disk. I dont know if IMGBURN will let you make a boot floppy CD or DVD ISO from the settings but I DO know that if you MUST boot into something like dos or the windows 98 preinstall environment you can simply download one and burn it with ImgBurn and it will work for you as long as you can boot from a CD/DVD. An advantage of booting into the windows98 preinstall environment is that it has 1:The MSCDEX.EXE (Microsoft CD Extensions - for dos) or something equivalent so that you can use it to gain access to HDD (fat or fat32 only), Floppy disks, and CD's. No usb support from the win98 preinstall environment unless you have booted from it via the BIOS, or is seen as normal again VIA the BIOS alone. ask me anything. My first CD was over $250 US and was neither scsi nor ide, it attached via its soundcard and used a 'device=' statement in the config.sys and MSCDEX.EXE called for with parameters in the autoexec.bat. It was fun to have cd before even windows supported it. All you could do is read files or play audio CD's. I had a scsi CD burner for about 700 bucks later but it wasnt as nice as the Pinnacle $1000 US cd burner. When win95 came out it was nice to have burning software that came with the burners, but nothing was ever as nice as ImgBurn. why doesn't someone add IMGBURN to the spell check on this website or is the dictionary something that is on my computer?
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