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    ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 Released!

    yes, it is absolutely free. I don't even put ads on my site. it is a hobby of mine and it is something to keep me busy and I like to use it to distribute my knowledge to others, and I like to give away stuff. I had thought about taking donations once in a while, but the thought quickly passes.
  2. Jim Michaels

    ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 Released!

    I noticed the license and that it was freeware and that it could not be bundled with commercial applications. I am not entirely sure what you define as "commercial applications", but I think you mean things like Symantec products. I package a set of freeware/Open Source Productivity applications ISOs including OpenOffice.org, and some windows tools ISOs. I give these ISOs away on my web site and try to update them on a regular basis. once in a long while I include a shareware app or two and label it as such, but I try to stay with free apps. May I include ImgBurn in the ISOs? I just realized I think already blew it. I had included the program in some of the ISOs without permission thinking that it was OK because I wasn't including with any commercial programs. I am removing the program and re-uploading until I can get permission. I may have I gotten permission before, but if I did, I forgot and didn't write it down. This time I think I am going to keep a permission file instead of just looking at email records. If you want to look at the site, it is at http://JesusnJim.com the OpenOffice.org package is at http://JesusnJim.com/OOo.html the Windows Tools ISOs are at http://JesusnJim.com/wintoolsISOs.html

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