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  1. First Happy Birthday to you .

    Question for you? I want to get a program that will create a CDG file for burning.

    Please help me tyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Kenadjian


    Happy birthday MJ.
  3. Kenadjian


    Geez, i have been busy, that's 2 I've missed. Happy birthday LFC.
  4. Kenadjian


    Geez, missed the boat again. Ah well, better late than never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE.
  5. Kenadjian

    can someone tell me what went wrong here

    I have no doubt what I highlighted would be your problem. Try some TY discs or Verbs with MCC dye. If you want persist with the ones you got, then lower your burn speed and see what happens, altho this is not really a fix, the discs are just shite. Forget the lat bit, I see your drive only burnt them 6X anyway even tho you selected max, just while you're at it, you might want to check for firmware updates for your drive.
  6. Kenadjian

    Optimal settings for creating an ISO

    About bloody time somebody told you off, YOU BIG BULLY.
  7. Kenadjian

    Optimal settings for creating an ISO

    Errrrm, yes, like he said.
  8. Kenadjian

    Optimal settings for creating an ISO

    Are you trying to say something LFC???
  9. Kenadjian

    Burning question

  10. Kenadjian


    Happy birthday mate.
  11. Kenadjian

    Happy 51st Birthday Blutach !!

    Happy birthday blu, sorry about the delay, arm full of pupies and all.
  12. Kenadjian


    Happy birthday donta.
  13. Kenadjian

    Happy birthday polo

    Happy birthday mate.
  14. Kenadjian

    Perhaps is time for a new version

    I know that, it was a joke.
  15. Kenadjian

    DL Disc Question

    Computer drives are more picky than stand alone players, your drive simply can't read the disc you burnt, try updating the firmware for that drive, that might do the trick fot you. Oh, and do yourself a favour, switch to verb +R DL media, it will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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