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  1. some question: I created a few .ISO CD images. This CDs are "autoplay" CD-Roms, I want burn it into one CD and create simple user menu to let user choose what CD to run. How make this better? Can Nero solve this?
  2. Pay attention that I asked about CD burning.. I do not burning video.
  3. I agree, this thread looked funny.. I laugh, too.. i have a sense of humour too! What I want ask also: does ImgBurn close (finalize) CD at the end of burning?(like Nero does)
  4. I've burned CD, program works good. Sure, I can leave all this 'as is' and just 'take and burn', but still want clarify small details: we set 'Write Speed' right from main GUI, so 'Automatic Write Speed' window is just for creating media database, to assign own speed parameters for particular CD? Not fully clear what is author intention for 'Auto (MAX)' speed, also. Also, when we select 'Files of type' in browser, should we leave 'All Supported Files', or select .ISO from drop down menu?
  5. I need know small details still: what better set in Write Mode, 'Auto' or 'CD'?
  6. OK, I get this Disk ID visually from media(ZD2003-CDR-A80A), with CD inserted and clicking icon it recognized Disk ID as '97m34s23f'. However, still need set Write Speed (I thought it will set write speed automatically based on that Disk ID obtained). OK, will use 16x for CD.
  7. when i set Write Speed to 'AUTO', it show (MAX) as note. Is this data 'ZD2003-CDR-A80A' Media ID? (this for Verbatim) Even if I set Disc ID, i still net set some write speed there.
  8. Yes, will back up this disk also. What's about Write Speed setting? Should i use MAX, or better set 8x or 12x, for more reliability? The same for Read mode - default is MAX, should i use it? Yes, I am satisfied with it ISO creation work.
  9. I tried Read with real CD, get ISO image. OK, it works. (before doing any work, just need know what I do and make sure that I do this correctly). Can I verify my ISO image - compare it against a given CD media to ensure the actual data is correct? If so, how? And in contrary - compare CD against a given ISO. I want clarify for a Build mode - create an image file from files on computer( Build - Image File), there is much more configurable parameters. 1) what file systems should be used for data files? ISO9660 ISO9660 + Joliet ISO9660 + Joliet + UDF 2) "Restrictions" tab -> ISO9660 - Joliet - UDF tabs: what should be set there?
  10. For experiment I used just a casual disk that was near at hand, some data, pdf, exe, cab files. I need backup to iso office11(2003) CD, 10 folders, when copy content from Cd on hard drive, total folder size is 1.05GB..
  11. Yes, the ISO box is ticked in ImgBurn settings(it was default). 'Set ImgBurn As Default Application' - default for what tasks? I would like to leave Nero as main burning application. Nero put own icon on .NRG files only. I changed to open iso with ImgBurn via file Properties > Opens with.. The 'Build' Mode should be used when create ISO from folders on hard drive?
  12. It looks I'm complicated this. Using 'Read' Mode to create iso is very easy. OK, I unassociated ISO with WinRAR, ISO icon remains without changes, though, the same. (!) But what is created when use 'Build' Mode??? When I use 'Read' Mode, I get iso file 83MB, in File Properties: Type of file: WinRAR archive. When try 'Build' Mode, which step is very similar, I get 68.8MB iso + 4.21KB .mds file; file Properties have tab 'Archive' that show 'ISO9660 archive' .. Can I set new file name for iso(before Reading) in Destination > 'Browse for file' > Save As dialog?
  13. Yes, my ISO files is associated with WinRAR, and I will not change this. Which from these two ISO can be considered as "correct" ISO?
  14. IB creates ISO's in build mode ,have you bothered to read the cd to your hard drive ? doesn't look like it ,IB does not uncompress anything its not one of its functions ,for a look I read my sound blaster software CD to my HD and it was an ISO ,try to read it and see what happens "So, if I understand correctly, ImgBurn can read only uncompressed files." False IB reads compressed stuff I make copies of compressed dvd's without any problems, do you think it would be any different because its a CD, will you read the disc to your HD already please and post the log when you do I inserted CD into CDRom, selected "Read" Mode in ImgBurn, selected output file destination, then click 'Read' button. After program finished, I got 83MB WinRAR archive on my harddrive. I this what need be done to create ISO? There is also 'Build' Mode that do the same thing, and I can select D:\ drive in 'Source' window. Finally got 69.6MB RAR archive + some .mds file. The difference is that is right pane appears 4 tabs Inform, Options, Labels, Advanced with various settings, which purpose is not very clear. So what from this RAR archive can be considered as correct "ISO"? (if it can create correct ISO at all).
  15. So, if I understand correctly, ImgBurn can read only uncompressed files. So, how to create ISO image from CD? Unfortunately, program contains no help file, even simple. However, probably ImgBurn just not intended to be used for creation of an ISO image, as I know, most users use Magic ISO or UltraISO for this task. Is there better programs that can do this task correctly?
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