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  1. You mentioned them first lol - anyhow i stopped doing them now lol
  2. yeah I know hes in the US but im not sending any BOMBS Pmsl, could be quite dodgy that, PM me cornholio i will check out the postage lol
  3. No probs if they are for testing & you will be giving LFC - Cornholio or LIGHTNING UK the results
  4. No probs Cornholio - pm us you addresse
  5. Yeah the Markets are Cold at the moment lol, but we have to take the rough with the smooth - Its a good job in the summer Lol
  6. Ok No probs, Pm me your Postage Addresse, I will sen them out to ya
  7. I have recently been selling a new disc - Fortis Dvd-r, who are the official testers i will send some out so you can test them, as the results i have been getting localy are excellent, Regards Jason
  8. I have been so busy over the last 6 mths i havent had time to pop in & say hello, I hope all is well in the imgburn forum A quick hello to Lightning Uk , Chris & everyone else in here
  9. I agree with your statement %100! What pisses me off, is that the majority knew who I was, and "ScubaPete" is the one who made the accusation. He defiantly knows who I am. Never MInd Jmet by reading there replys they are clearly gutted that LUK has brought out IMGBURN and dont have a clue when it comes to proper impartial advice. We still love ya
  10. UN world summit " & they next subject we move to is New orleans " Bush Replies " I think i need the bathroom"
  11. Welcome back LUK, So nice to see you are O.K & thanks for leaving my link up on your links page ;-) damn have i missed this forum A big hello to all the regulars & Cheers Chris for emailing me
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