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  1. Thanks guys for all the replies. LFC, Spinner yea might be more then just a few SUV's but then again who's counting I also plan on winning the lottery and robbing a few banks (including E-Trade) Which I might add, its a buyers market right now if your into watching the stock market. Me made a mint on Apple computers, Dam who would of thought you could make so much $$$ off of fruit stock. Another update for you folks. Guess you could say I set a new record as of today. As of now two weeks and counting seizure free On the flip side, I am beginning to believe the stimulator is set to high for me at present time, or maybe was increased to fast a pace for my body. I was told I would get use to the jolt I get every 5 minutes but I am not. For the most part it don't bother me but it is annoying when it does, like at this very second it just kicked in for 30 seconds and my Adam's apple sinks way down to the bottom of my throat and still getting the muscle spasm when it kicks in. Was hard to describe it at first but now I can, if you've ever took a big swallow of something carbonated (like beer or soda) and get air trapped in your throat for about 5 seconds or so and can't swallow. We'll, thats the feeling I get when the stimulator kicks in. I don't go back to the neurologist till Mid July and unless I give in and call sooner to have it adjusted I don't think I'll be letting the doctor turn it up any more then it already is and if anything, its going back to a .050 mAmps. So thats about it for now.
  2. We'll just a small update for you all. I HAVE A DREAM!!!!! And it goes something like this: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday OK so I'm probably going overboard just a bit but the good news is the VNS Stimulator was adjusted to a .5 amp rating by my neurologist on May 22 and I have not had a feeling nor a seizure since So yea, I'm starting to get my hopes up as this looks like my life is fixing to change for the better forever
  3. Todays a week since the procedure, still a bit sore but thats subsiding and getting back to myself. It gets turned on this coming Thursday so stay tuned.
  4. OMG You all are going to love this... Just outside and the neighbor seen me (yea that neighbor) She seen my neck and asked what happened so I pulled the ring of my shirt down so she could see the chest and told her I was in a fight and got stabbed. Told her the other guy was in worse shape then me and the police called it as self defense OUCH I just found out it hurts to laugh Needless to say she ran back in her outhouse
  5. Doing fine this morning guys; someone else who had the same procedure done and I've been talking to for the past year since all this started told me I wouldn't be albe to sleep on the left side and guess what YEP, no problems sleeping in "any" position We got rain here last night and I can hear my grass growing and thats going to be needing a mowing now by Monday and think I might try doing it with the riding mower and have a neighbor get the edges and in between the holly bushes with the push mower. The fridge went on us the day before the operation so we might go shopping for a new one this afternoon.
  6. Thanks guys and yea, me doing well this morning. Want to be outside enjoying this great spring weather were having
  7. Thanks Cynthia Hre's a pic taken this evening as you can see, not much to it but still, anytime they stick a knife to yu your going to be sore for a few days.
  8. We'll tomorrows the big day and guess I should be like nervous or something but surprisingly I'm not I'll post back Saturday when I get home, maybe even tomorrow night if they don't keep me overnight.
  9. Yea, were back all cuddly again Partly due to dad having Alzheimer's which were still not sure if it is ALZ or not, just that he's acting like a 3 year old.
  10. I'll keep you all posted on the updates afterwards. To say the least I am just thrilled, scared, a bit worried and oh so excited all balled up into one. Told my sister next year at this time I might pull up in front of her house with my 2009 corvette that I picked right off the assembly line here in Bowling Green She said make sure I got black because they are chick magnets
  11. OH MY GOD!! Just searched for this thread and I can't believe its been almost a year since all this started We'll everyone the surgery is Mission Go and what a birthday present, my birthday is April 26 and the surgery to get the VNS implant is the day before I seen the surgeon last Friday to discuss the procedure on the advice of my neorologist and I got this e-mail today from my contact at cyberonic's which makes the device. Needless to say, I can't wait
  12. Same here, dam I can't believe its been 20 years Guess that makes me "old"
  13. And check out the license plate Kenfucky
  14. Just an update for you guys. Dad had his appointment with my neurologist last week and was an instand replay of the visit when he went to the VA clinic. However, he didn't see my neurologist for ALZ he seen him for cronic headaches assoceated with his neck pain he was refered by his orthapedic Doctor. Anyhow, this gave us a chance to bring up the ALZ and he tested dad the same way the VA did and answered all the questions flawlessly. I had my appointment with my neurologist today and after my visit we talked a bit about dad. It is his medical opinion he does not have ALZ if he can remember like he does and if he did have ALZ the demetia would be consistant all the time not just when he wants it to be. This was after we explained to the neurologist that dad wanted to be petted My neurologist did say he could have some depression issues going on and thats consistant with what we and the whole family thinks. He has pretty much withdrawn himself from everything and everyone around him, don't want to be around anyone and expects everyone to cater to him. So, my doctor has e-mailed my dads family doctor and said he would talk to my dads doctor in person also before dads next appointment the end of this month Now as for me. I got a letter from the case manager at Cyberonics which makes the VNS device and in a nutshell it says: So now that my neurologist knows the procedure is covered he set me up with an appointment with the surgeon which is in April to get the ball moving now. I so can't wait, a chance and thats all it is a chance (because its not guaranteed to completely control the seizures in everyone) to do something everyone takes for granted like drive a car, go swimming or dive off a diving board or snorkeling in the ocean Finally, a chance to get off all this crap medication I'm on and have a better quality of like and not forget shit from one day to the next which is a side effect from the medications. The next loop hole, the surgeon used to be here locally however has moved to Tennesse and now can only do so many operations here in Kentucky (don't understand that part at all). Anyhow, he is allowed like 20 operations per year in the state of Kentucky and there is no one else close to me who does the procedure and I can't actually get it done out of town right now due to transportation and a my dad which we can't leave. Plus, I definatly don't want someone who has only done the procedure once or twice and me being the third person who's he/she has done the procedure on So now it depends if the surgeon will concider me as one of his 20 per year I guess More to follow as I find out.
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