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  1. Do you have a log of the last DVD you burnt with the iso? Those file extensions are usually used by split RAR archives and can be extracted with WinRAR or 7zip. If it's not the case, then a log would really help.
  2. SPA_CE

    UAC setting again?

    Have you tried extracting to your desktop?
  3. SPA_CE

    Server load balancing questions

    Isn't the performance the same as routing to only one server? How I understood it, the load balancer accepts all the connections, then routes it to the server with less load. What if the load balancer is in heavier load than the servers, then what?
  4. SPA_CE

    Opus codec

    I believe it's already possible with the appropriate DirectShow Filter..
  5. SPA_CE

    Updating firmware on external usb dvd drive

    Well I got it to burn at 16x. Had to enable Force HyperTuning and disable SmartBurn.
  6. SPA_CE

    Updating firmware on external usb dvd drive

    So... it's not a usb problem. I didn't test burn before I updated the firmware to 8L25 and only got up to 8x with it so I downgraded back to 8L23 but with same results. Any idea on what the problem could be then?
  7. SPA_CE

    Updating firmware on external usb dvd drive

    Thanks, updated and is running good. I have another question (didn't want to create a new thread) My drive (Lite-On iHAS524 D 8L23) has a max writing speed of 24x and the media im using is rated at 16x. It can read at 16x but I can't get it to burn over 8x on Verbatim DVD+R MCC-004-00. Could this be 'cause im using it from usb?
  8. I have it connected to my laptop and I don't have access to a direct SATA connection atm. Is it okay if I update the firmware on the dvd drive through usb? EDIT: I searched on google and on this forum but couldn't find anything relevant..
  9. Hi. Make sure your dvd drive was detected (Check log) and pick a mode from Mode > could be any of the options starting from 'Read' and it should be available now.
  10. SPA_CE

    Profile Feed???

    So what's the "Profile Feed" on "My Profile" for? I've been registered here since 2006 and didn't know it was there.. haha
  11. Hi. First suggestion is to have an option when added a few audio files to change view from "Track 01 - C:\full\path\to\audio\file.mp3" (Path could be very long) to just "Track 01 - filename.mp3", and second to save a few mouse clicks to be able to drag a track to a certain track number.
  12. SPA_CE

    DVD Burner Recommendation

    Hi.. I recently bought a 50pk spindle of Memorex 16x DVD+R (MBIPG101-R05-01) I've seen some goood burns with these.. I popped a blank dvd in my ATAPI iHAP122 8 UL06 (ATA) And it takes a while reading it and ImgBurn's staus just stays on Device Not Ready (Logical Unit is in process of becoming ready).. Im guessing its a problem with my drive since my optiarc reads and burns them perfectly.. I didn't like my Lite-On's attitude towards this kind of media so I want to replace it.. plus it is kinda old.. I looked at a LG GH22NP21 but dont know if its any good.. Anyone know of a good ATA DVD Burner?
  13. SPA_CE

    suggestion wanted for imaging task

    Paint.NET 3 has an image effect called 'Outline'. This is what it does... BEFORE: AFTER: Used 'Outline' and converted to B&W...
  14. SPA_CE

    101 Simpson quotes

  15. SPA_CE

    ImgBurn v2.2.0.0 Released!

    ImgBurn So many new settings and features... It kinda reminds me of it's older brother... #39;(

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