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    Unable to lock volume error

    Well you are the expert but in my humble opinion there is a definate difference in the quality of the resultant burn with the Patin Couffin driver compared to my burns using SPTI. I may not be a technical expert but if SPTI offered exactly the same performance as the other I/O methods then why would anyone bother to write a different I/O method in the first place and more importantly why would you have bothered to give us the choice Anyway I am still looking forward to the fix in the next release as I for one prefer the Patin Couffin I/O method. Best Regards, Shootist
  2. Shootist

    Unable to lock volume error

    I also prefer using the vso patin couffin driver and therefore look forward to the next release to fix this minor irritation of the unable to lock error. I tend to find that if I use SPTI then I tend to get 'poorer' burns and more errors on playback which I feel is strange in itself, I had assumed that SPTI / Patin Couffin should have produced similar burns but it appears that that is not always the case and hence my preference of Patin Couffin over the other I/O options. I can't really finish posting my first post without thanking you for all your hardwork over the years on Decrypter and Imgburn - it is very much appreciated by all. Many Thanks, Shootist

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