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  1. I too find that Patin-Couffin gives me better burns, especially in the area of dual layer burning. It seems to handle the layer break perfectly there is no hesitation or pixellation on playback. I have found that Elby and SPTI were giving me freezing on playback but not so with PC.
  2. Thanks a lot, as stated terrific program especially for dual layers it can't be beat.
  3. Well it definitely is something with the new one that came out on 10/24 because I have never had a problem with the program or PC in the year I have been running Decrypter and the ImgBurn up until this new version 33 the previous update did not cause this. Just glad I figured it out it was driving me crazy.
  4. The only new things new on the computer are Nero 7 and DVDRB update and I know it is not RB. No I did not install INCD that is a terrible program. I may end up trying to clean Nero 7 out and then go back to 6 and see if it happens. I know my burn logs for the new 7 list a whole pile of drivers that never came up before. Edit: I have traced down the problem, I uninstalled Nero and still got the same error. Used the filter tool but could not find any problems. However, I have always used Patin-Couffin as my I/O because this worked well with my USB BTC drive I would get semaphore errors with SPTI so I just kept using it even though I no longer use this drive. VSO had an update for CopytoDVD a few weeks ago and I did the upgrade and have not used ImgBurn since, there is a new version of PC I changed the I/O back to SPTI and no error. I then uninstalled VSO software and installed old ver. 27 of PC and burned with no error. Whatever the new 1.33.6 ver. of PC driver is it was causing this error to occur. Am back using ImgBurn for my dual layer with no troubles. Did Star Wars III again and it came out great. Thanks for the terrific program and the response.
  5. I have been using both Decrypter and ImgBurn on two computers, my old and my new one with no problems or errors, except for the CRC on bad disks. I installed the new Nero 7 and am now coming up with the unable to lock volume for exlusive access error and then it states "incorrect function". I have unchecked the box in iso write settings and it works fine. I have checked and cannot find anything that has a handle on the the drives, because this has occurred on all three of my drives, NEC1300a USB, Plextor716UF and HP640c. Since this is new error for me I was wondering if it really makes a difference if the box is left unchecked, the burned movies plays fine. And if anyone else has any ideas why this occuring.
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