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  1. Amazed

    ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Released!

    I've been a enthusiast pc builder for several decades and Windows 10 Security for the most part has kept my systems safe. I use to run Malwarebytes as a secondary level of protection but for the better part of the past year or so Defender seems to catch the bad stuff prior to it getting to the anti-malware.
  2. Amazed

    ad free version ?

    Okay, thanks for the rapid response.
  3. Amazed

    ad free version ?

    I would like to donate if I can get a "clean" (ad-free or other horrible inclusions) version to install. Do you have one available to download after donation? Can't seem to find any info on it. Previously I chose "default", at the time (which btw was "RECOMMENDED") and had a horrible time uninstalling all the garbage. I've since decided and done a clean install of my whole system and though I was more careful this time while installing; I'd still like a untainted version for any future upgrade if it's available. Thanks in advance.

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