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    The ' Program Memory Area Update Failure ' Thread!

    Ho there, only now i saw that exist this thread, i just opened a one that have a similar issue http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=20582 Thnks Ale
  2. laurik

    Failed to write sector 0

    Hi guys, its 2 BR disk that im getting this error, even at the end the burn is ok... what is the problem? look at pic Another problem i get smtimes, is that when it is finalizing disk, it remain blocked at 0%. I cant stop it, so i have to reset pc.... but the BR is ok, i mean it can be read everywhere. What is it? Many thanks Ale
  3. No problem for less space and less spedd But i dont undersatnd the "..do a full erase on your BD-R discs"... U mean as format? How do it? Many thanks for yr patiance
  4. Hi and thanks for your reply. now i have those settings I need uncheck the "Prefer format Without space areas"? Now as u see is checked many thanks Laurik
  5. Hi guys, in last period that LG BH10LS38 Burner make failed many LTH VErbatim BR-D. I updated FW at 1.01, reduced speed from 4 to 2. Sometomies go ok, other do such error. It appear randomly, at begin, half and even at end This Burner is quite new, i guess didnt do more than 40 burns. But only last period have this problem... What can be? I tried another simple free burner, and seems ok. But i prefer much more the amazing Imgburm Many thanls Laurik

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