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  1. thanks for the info
  2. Hello --- I just noticed this about a usb dvd drive that I connected to my computer. the unit is sold as a usb3 device, but when I check the imgburn log, it notes it as a usb2 device --- does imgburn get this info from the dev manager? NOTE that the drive is connected to a a usb3 port on the computer is there a difference in the speed for a usb2 / usb3 optical drive? info2.txt
  3. Hello --- Please clarify the website notes the current info for imgburn is version: Released: 16th June 2013 -- but the digests (sha1, md5) see to be changing over time --- are updates being applied to version Thanks
  4. Hello --- Thanks for the info --- what would be an good alternative to norton? kaspersky seems to get good marks, but because it founded/owned but a Russian it gets bad press in USA
  5. Hello -- I seems to always have a problem with norton security and running the installer for imgburn --- is norton the only one that flag imgburn and the website as bad?
  6. I just tried to go to imgburn.com --- NS --- blocked access I that to "go anyway" …. does anyone know why Norton is doing this? Then then got to the download page --- chrome with the NS plugin would not let me download (directly) from imgburn.com
  7. OK -- thx for the info ....
  8. Hello -- I just did a download from the first mirror and got this file Setup_ImgBurn_2.5.8.0_dlm.exe the sha1 digests DONT match from the posted value on the download page -- 6FC013ED5944B13EFC54648699EA80F304E37AD0
  9. Hello -- Thanks for the reply .... I did the download from from the last mirror, the imgburn mirror -- in addition I check the sha1 digest with no issue I have kaspersky IS on another computer and that a/v has no issue with it
  10. Hello -- Thanks for the info ... NS marks it as high risk --- here is the info from NS -- Filename: setupimgburn_2.5.8.0.exe Threat name: Trojan.Gen.2Full Path: c:\users\frank\appdata\local\temp\setupimgburn_2.5.8.0.exe On computers as ofá 2/11/2018 at 10:09:04 AM Last Usedá 2/11/2018 at 10:22:41 AM Startup Itemá No Launchedá No Threat type: Virus. Programs that infect other programs, files, or areas of a computer by inserting themselves or attaching themselves to that medium. setupimgburn_2.5.8.0.exe Threat name: Trojan.Gen.2 Locate Many Users Tens of thousands of users in the Norton Community have used this file. Mature This file was released 8 months ago. High This file risk is high. Source: External Media File Created: setupimgburn_2.5.8.0.exe ____________________________ File Actions Infected file: c:\users\frank\appdata\local\temp\ setupimgburn_2.5.8.0.exe Removed ____________________________ File Thumbprint - SHA: d7dea2819edc77bc44db637cd324e61942b54930cb3034f8f1a417b7dd27b514 File Thumbprint - MD5: 0b4c94f8480f8cd13e160bceaaaa8b29
  11. Hello -- Is there a reason why everytime I download the imgburn setup file Norton Security (NS) keep deleting it?
  12. Hello -- Where can I find info on how to build and ISO from a cue and bin file? Thanks
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