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  1. Ah.. nice, i had to use IsoMaster instead to create an ISO which optimizes duplicate files. The only thing i sometimes have trouble with is files which have the same name but different case, like "Backup" and "backup". On linux this isn't a problem also the Rock Ridge ISO format supports this, but most of the time this isn't a real problem. Would be nice if it were possible to rename or merge it just for the ISO creation, but that whould be hard to implement i think.
  2. Thx LIGHTNING for the WINE fixes . It seems to work a bit better now. Also because new WINE versions keep getting better. The log window is showing correctly again after a clean install.
  3. Hello there, First of all, thanks for this greate program. My suggestions are the following. Build Mode: - Ability to rename files/folder. - Ability to move files/folder. General: - Create ISO from Disk. Thx in advance. PS: If this already is an option consider that suggestion as not suggested .
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