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  1. I would have been using it a long time ago! When you search Google you get a lot of unofficial downloads that I don't trust with barely a mention of the official support. There isn't even a link to this forum! Downloading and installing the non-portable version to check the readme file when Google didn't even mention it wouldn't make sense for the average user to discover it. I tried to check this forum from my phone but it refused to even let me without. Tapatalk, which it linked me to in the Google Play store instead of launching (already installed!). Even when I got that far, there was no mention of it in the obvious places, like the FAQ. I just think the feature should be promoted a little better so that people don't download from untrustworthy sources. So how about pre-configured one and packaging it for a download? Assuming it gets added to the FAQ, how about removing the roadblock to the forum FAQ or making a new one outside of the forums? Every little bit helps. FWIW, I needed the portable function so that I could burn DVDs at work on an old security DVR system running XP SP2 with no DVD burning software or OS support. I am not allowed to install software on it but the systems have DVD burners and the blank discs they provided me are DVD-R discs. They actually instructed me to use Windows Media Player 9 to burn our video files but it doesn't support DVDs either. I'm surprised it works at all, but it usually won't let me add any more than a few hundred MBs if I need to use multiple sessions. It claims that there is not enough room on the disc but I can fit more on a CD-R! ImgBurn in portable mode worked great. Thanks, LUK. You're a legend!
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