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  1. I use CD-RW discs VERY often for various uses, and eventually these discs stop working correctly and imgburn will hang on an erase function. This can't be cancelled by any means, and Windows (XP or Vista) won't shut down as long as it's stuck so I'm forced to power off my system while it's running... which sucks.
  2. urbanriot

    64 bits and some other features

    Complicated or not, it's completely unnecessary and the software would not benefit whatsoever from an x64 version. The max I've ever seen my imgburn use was 550K.
  3. I'm sure this has been asked before, and usually the suggestion is to queue or open up two imgburn Windows at the same time. However, the two imgburn open at a time window has considerable drain on the hard drive resources if you're burning from the same source drive at the same time, compared to having the same file buffered in the same instance. Now, I know a few other pay for apps have this feature, but where Nero fails is that when there's a read issue that occurs with their verify routine, it doesn't tell you which of the two drives has the discrepancy! Thanks, and great software! Keep up the good work!
  4. urbanriot

    "Tracking Server Failure" on Verbatim DL

    I peeled off the wrapper after I purchased them, and have no way to answer that now. Burning at 2.4x. I just went out and bought a spindle of Verbatim MKM-001-00 made in Singapore... will see how those go. If my problems are from the Verbatims, it will be the first time I've ever had quality issues with Verbatim discs. I don't often scour this or other forums, regarding optical drives, media, software, etc. so I had no idea quality varied from the originating country.
  5. I recently upgraded to Imgburn from and started experiencing a number of these - "W 10:38:02 Failed to Write Sectors 1961440 - 1961471 - Tracking Servo Failure" with Verbatim stamped MKM-001-00 DVD+R DL. I was initially having these problems with my latest firmware Plextor PX-716SA, so I started burning with a brand new LG H20LS10 with firmware FL00 and am receiving the same problems. I put the Plextor in a different system with different specs and still occasionally receive this error, about 1 in 5 discs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could I have a couple 'bad' spindles of Verbatim DL's?
  6. Yea, I need to find myself a deal somewhere, or wait as I said in my other post. Usually shipping from US to Canada is extremely expensive since most companies use UPS and they have their own UPS arbitrary customs fees on top of regular customs fees so it will cost 3x the original cost of the item. ... and that's the key. While I still feel that my specific problem is influenced by something other than media quality, I agree with you 100% and do want my data on the highest quality discs. Thanks again... and if anyone from Canada (or better yet, Ontario) locates a sweet deal on some Verbatim's, feel free to send me a PM
  7. I'm obviously blind. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to answer me! I think I'll have to sit on this for a while, maybe wait for Verbatim DL discs to come down in price.
  8. Thanks to you and Movie Junkie for responding, you've both given me something to think about. Since I don't see this particular media listed, and I have three more spindles of this media, I'm going to run some tests on various burners I have access to and verify - that's the only way I can be satisfied that this sudden problem isn't being influenced by something else. You'll have to understand my skepticism; thinking logically, media issues do not make sense to me as being the cause of a brand new problem. After burning so many discs that play wonderfully, and having sampled discs from the three other spindles, I still think there's something else that may be the cause. Could you possibly guide me to a FAQ or post that details how to do a proper burn, scan and post that would most benefit that area of the forum? I'd be happy to post my results there.
  9. Here in Canada a 50-pack of Verbatim DL is around $145 including taxes. These Memorex discs are on sale for $60... and I've successfully burned and verified at least 35 of them with zero problems. Is there anything else I could try, aside from spending $85 more? I've viewed at least 15 of these discs in the past few weeks and they all work great in my DVD player. So suddenly the quality of the last 5 discs after about 35 successful burns comes into play - if that's possible, are there any tools I can utilize that would be able to test that? Perhaps some of the Plextor tools that came with my burner?
  10. I was successfully burning large amounts of these dual layer RITEK-D01-01 (Memorex) DVD+R DL discs with Imgburn until recently on my Plextor 718SA drive. Now after a successful burn, each and every one is failing verification immediately at or around the DL switch where they passed verification in the past. The discs themselves seem to play fine, however on my DVD player one disc had some loud accessing / switching and took a very long time to switch, but that could be the player too. Previously burned discs had no issues. Single layer disc burning seems fine. I've attached a RAR of my IBG file if that helps. Here's the error I'm getting (also attached): Any help / suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! DVD_DL_Fail.rar Verification_Error.rar

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