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  1. Well, something like in the other burning softwares... with the list of directories and files, the remaining time/data, with attributes, dates...
  2. Yes, I'm doing that... but I wish I could see the final project before writing it.
  3. Thank you, you're right I didn't read the Guides... I'll do that ! Concerning 64 bits, well it's your choice. I don't really know what it involves. It might be more complicated that I could think. Ash.
  4. yes, sure, you're right... but there is something... I'm might be not very clever or something but I'm not sure of what will be really written on the cd or the dvd, you see what I mean. I wish it could be easier to use . P.S. : nice pic !
  5. Hello, I like ImgBurn a lot, however I wish it could replace Nero and other softs, and some features are missing. First, I really appreciate I can create create cds and dvds now from files or directories. But it's not very easy to use, the windows are small and I have difficulties to do multiple selections. A two parts window where you can drag and drop things is much easier to use. I wish I could create audio cds with wav files (though it's not the feature I need the most for now). I hesitate asking you adding lot of features in ImgBurn, because we want it to be what it is, I mean a CD/DVD writing software, and not some heavy software like others... By the way, it could be great to make a 64 bits version of ImgBurn. Ok the current one works great with my Vista 64 but I'm sure it could make a difference and a lot of people would use ImgBurn instead of their previous software because of that. I know it's silly but 64 bits apps are the future... Well I've nothing to say more, because most of the features I wanted have been implemented in the latest release... Thank you !
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