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  1. Now I've tried to read a couple more BD-R discs I've burned before, even different media (still cheap, though ), and the drive can't read them. This means I'll really have to change the drive... But you are right, I should use better media for this. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! Since the cost of DL media is not worth it (for me, at least), I plan to keep using single layer until that changes.
  3. Yes, I already tried that, and ImgBurn also shows the disc as empty: HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS40 1.03 (ATA) Current Profile: BD-R Disc Information: Status: Empty State of Last Session: Empty Erasable: No Free Sectors: 12,219,392 Free Space: 25,025,314,816 bytes Free Time: 2715:27:17 (MM:SS:FF) Next Writable Address: 0 MID: CMCMAG-BA5-000 Supported Read Speeds: 2x, 4.2x, 6.2x, 8x, 9.9x, 12.1x Current Read Speed: 2.6x - 6.2x BD Disc Information: Disc ID: CMCMAG-BA5-000 Disc Type: BD-R Disc Size: 120 mm Disc Class: 0 Disc Version: 1 Number of Layers: 1 Layer Type: Writable DVD Layer Present: No CD Layer Present: No Channel Bit Length: 74.50 nm (25 GB Per Layer) Push-Pull Polarity: Positive Recorded Mark Polarity: HTL BCA Present: Yes Maximum Transfer Rate: Not Specified First PAA of Data Zone: 131,072 Last PAA of Data Zone: 1,658,494
  4. Hi there! As I wrote in another topic, my current drive (LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS40 1.03 ATA) seems to be acting up, so I'm looking for a replacement. Searching for what's available near me, I've found these internal writers: Pioneer BDR-209DBK LG WH14NS40 LG WH16NS40 Comparing these models specs doesn't show any immediate big difference between them, specially between the WH14NS40 and WH16NS40. I plan to do only eventual backups from my PC on Blu-ray media (around once a month). Since in this forum there is plenty of people with a lot more experience than me, would you recommend one model over the other, and if so, why? Or is there any other drive you would recommend? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi there! I've been a very satisfied user of ImgBurn for many years. It is a wonderful software that I always recommend. I use it mostly to backup my PC, and have burned many CDs, DVDs and BDs with it. But recently, after not burning anything for several months, I've had a few issues backing up data to BDs. I tried with CDs and DVDs, and they always work fine, but BDs sometimes end up appearing as blank, even if the writing process, verification process and log show no issues at all. My previous BD-R media was working fine, but I bought a new one anyways, and the result was the same. The issue didn't seem to be the software (ImgBurn) or the discs (I guess), but I don't have another PC with a BD drive at hand to test the discs - except that I do have a PS3, and lo and behold, the console can read the data without issues! :-O Now I believe my Blu-ray drive is the culprit (LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH16NS40 1.03 ATA). Am I right in that assumption, or is there anything else that I can investigate / test on the PC side? Any tips are appreciated. Thank you!

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