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Drive recommendations for BD-R data backups


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Hi there!

As I wrote in another topic, my current drive (LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE  BH16NS40 1.03 ATA) seems to be acting up, so I'm looking for a replacement.

Searching for what's available near me, I've found these internal writers:

  • Pioneer BDR-209DBK
  • LG WH14NS40
  • LG WH16NS40

Comparing these models specs doesn't show any immediate big difference between them, specially between the WH14NS40 and WH16NS40.

I plan to do only eventual backups from my PC on Blu-ray media (around once a month). Since in this forum there is plenty of people with a lot more experience than me, would you recommend one model over the other, and if so, why? Or is there any other drive you would recommend?

Thank you in advance!

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Of those 3 drives, the only one I would recommend is one you don't have on your list.  I use the LG WH16NS60.  NOT the 40.


The problems with the Pioneer drive: Pioneer has gradually declined in quality until it's unacceptable in its current state.  The first Pioneer I had lasted almost 2 years.  The last one I had didn't last 2 months.  Plus, they keep borking the firmware.  They keep messing it up so now it can't properly write to Ritek 8x DVD+RW discs anymore.


The problem with the WH16NS40 is precisely what you want to use it for.  Data backups to BD media.  While single layer BD media is fine in the NS40, double layer BD and BD-RE WILL fail 9 times out of 10!  :rolleyes:  If you don't plan on using BD-R DL or BD-RE DL, it's fine, though.


I don't recall too much about the WH14NS40. so it may have been fine.  I just don't remember if I ever had that model and if I did, what peculiarities it might have had.

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15 minutes ago, dbminter said:

If you don't plan on using BD-R DL or BD-RE DL, it's fine, though.

Thanks! Since the cost of DL media is not worth it (for me, at least), I plan to keep using single layer until that changes.

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I honestly don't use BD DL media anymore.  I used to use BD-RE DL to write the monthly Windows data backups to external media.  But, since flash drives (And now USB SSD's.) got lower in cost and higher capacities, plus are much faster, I switched to those.

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