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  1. http://lifehacker.com/5120266/burn-more-re...s-with-quickpar Just read this on Lifehacker and thought it was a great idea. What would be even better is if you could do this automatically in a burning tool like ImgBurn
  2. Lazybones

    Command line options

    If you script everything once you don't have to do it again.
  3. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    Um since the 7-zip.exe it self is already compressed with z-zip compression and a self extractor / installer you will get odd results. Compress some known uncompressed data and see what happens.
  4. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    Audio/Video or application files? WinRar is better at adding more compression to Audio/Video files
  5. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    I primarily use it to dump stuff to my desktop quickly or into a folder I am already working in, winrar supports this as well if I recall. I find the file directory UIs to be inconsistent in many apps as some are built on old librarys and don't inherit the current OS UI standards. You are right, it is a a matter of personal preference. As for my Archive tool of choice I use 7-Zip http://7-zip.org/ , as you can only rely on Zip as being a common format that a typical users understands. 7-Zip is multi threaded and consistently makes smaller standard zip files than WinZip or WinRar. Also its own standard format often out performs winrar, accept when compressing some media files.
  6. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    Simplifying is one thing, but what you're asking for here in not 'normal' functionality for any burning program I've ever seen created. Well every other burning tool has gone the way of including the kitchen sink, I thought you where creating something better. a) it is a simplification of an existing function down to one/two actions by the user as I stated other common utility tools like the archiving programs like winzip have had a function like this for years, why not bring something new to burning tools. LOL thats the kind of comment I expect to see in a linux forum! Suggesting something that makes functionality easier for the user, doesn't make the application any less powerful for the power user.
  7. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    Well it was worth asking. I find installing tools to simplify using other tools to be counter intuitive.
  8. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    Both are covered here http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/a...4.aspx#dragdrop Most of it is just registry key setup, you just need a to handle the call when the OS sends it. You already have methods that support all that I asked in the command line parameters.
  9. Lazybones

    Command line options

    Well I have a headless File server where I would like to put images of my DVD collection. I am trying to automate ripping the ISO to disk by using a batch file and the command line. I have a small two line LCD/VFD display in the front and wanted to show some sort of progress output on it. The fact that the [DISC_LABEL] variable exists is great, that makes it possible for me to do the automation, just not the progress display.
  10. Lazybones

    Command line options

    Image burn has some nice command line options, but there are two that would be great for automation. 1. /DEST - it would be nice if this command had a variable or option that used the source disks label name. IE /SRC C:\temp\[sRC_LABEL].iso 2. /LOG - I have a small LCD display in my media PC system, it would be great if this command wrote each line to the file as they appear, instead of all at the end, this way I could display the content of the file on the LCD and see the progress of the rip. 3. Another option would be for the program to write its progress to the command line so that it could be parsed or output to other programs to display or read the text. In this case the GUI could be completely hidden if the /START and /CLOSE commands where used.
  11. Lazybones

    ImgBurn DVD-Video Shell Ext

    hmm that should be made standard with the program!
  12. Lazybones

    Multisession Disk

    It can be useful, but for the most part it just wastes space and makes a disk increasingly less likely to work in some drives.
  13. Lazybones

    Create ISO Context

    The basic idea is to add a "Create ISO" menu item when right clicking on a CD drive. The feature would function in two ways Right Click - Opens ImgBurn in read mode - Sets the name to the disks label name Right Click + Drag and drop - Opens ImgBurn in read mode - Sets the name to the disks label name - Sets the path to the folder the user let go on - Starts the ISO creation process I think this would be a great time saver in the same way that the context menus for WinZip and 7-Zip do something similar for extracting or creating archives.
  14. Lazybones

    UI Tabs for modes

    I was thinking it would be handy and increase mouse navigation speed if there was a optional tab bar at the top of the screen that let you flip back and forth between modes in a single click.

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