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  1. yep, my vote goes to blackdavinci...thats a more attractive design for the site
  2. That's right...it happens when NOD tries to UnPack an exe compressed with an exe packer (like Imgburn's). It is a necessory feature as a packed exe may contain a virus. So NOD is just doing what it is supposed to do. And only after its done, it allows you to open the file. NOD32 and Imgburn, both are great piece of softwares and both know very well how to do the thing they are supposed to do.
  3. Although I don't know how it create problems in program updates (...and that shows how much of development I've "actually" done) but atleast its there if someone needs it.
  4. You are right. Even I don't like it much. But I'm talking about the bigger disks like HD-DVDs and BRDs. You have to reserve 25GB of disk space just to have enough data to completely fill up the disk. And if there is a disk crash or some other accident....everything's gone!!! Now you may say that its better to use RW media (specially when BRD R and RW are of nearly same price)...but then we will be always writing on the sectors at the starting position whereas sectors at the ending position remain largely unused. This will reduce the readability of the starting sectors. Whereas in multisession it can be avoided to some extent.
  5. Oops....sorry. Overlooked it. Yeah its there. Could you please provide this option in general settings (just a tick box) so that users like me won't bother you again. And thanks again for the great app.
  6. Are there any plans of implementing it in any future versions?? As the storage capacity of optical media in increasing, this feature will be of great help.
  7. Sorry for my ignorance LUK, but where is it?? I've scaned all the options but was unable to find it.
  8. Thanks LUK for this great app. It has almost every feature which you can ask for...and then some more. But I was unable to find the option for making multisession disk or importing previous sessions!! Is there an option to do so or not?? I'm sorry if this query has been posted before.
  9. Instead of registery, why not use an ini file for storing settings or at least give an option like "Media Player Classic" to choose between registery or ini file. This way it can used on USB Drives as well.
  10. Try MagicISO....it has a feature to make multi-boot iso images.
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