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  1. smok3

    audio cd and source samplerate?

    dunno, maybe they would, trying to convert DVD audio track to CD for example. edit: anyway, lets see if someone can confirm bad samplerate conversion, maybe it is completely my specific-machine problem.
  2. smok3

    audio cd and source samplerate?

    sure , actually that is not a problem for me at all (but possible problem for ppl that are less audio savvy). p.s. I can see that in latest version imgburn is doing scan pass to determine lengths, maybe add a samplerate detector and just warn a user before burning begins? (something like: not all of your files are the proper sample rate of 44.1, but dshow will do the conversion for you, the burning will continue in N seconds.. (or clicky abort))
  3. smok3

    audio cd and source samplerate?

    I'am not saying that you should fix something, but obviously directshow did a bad work (i have just abxed this, comparing cd vs properly resampled version); foo_abx 1.3.1 report foobar2000 v0.9.5 beta 3 2008/04/04 13:59:31 File A: cdda://02807223,01 File B: H:\!tmp\shakira-las_de_la_intuicion_CD\44\01 01 shakira-las_de_la_intuicion.wav 13:59:31 : Test started. 14:00:21 : 01/01 50.0% 14:00:31 : 02/02 25.0% 14:00:39 : 03/03 12.5% 14:00:46 : 04/04 6.3% 14:00:52 : 05/05 3.1% 14:01:00 : 06/06 1.6% 14:01:05 : Test finished. ---------- Total: 6/6 (1.6%) and it was really easy (maybe what i have here is borken dshow anyway...) p.s. windows samplerate conversion quality is set to 'Best'
  4. so i went ahead and did that cue file (wav sources), no problems, load in, burn! after burninating i figured out that some files were 48kHz and they burned just 'fine'. Well, not a bug, but one could describe that as 'dangerous behaviour'.
  5. smok3

    A question for IMGBurn fans

    reasons for imgburn over nero: - small, fast to start - portable - has a decent cli input - does what it is supposed to do - burn stuff
  6. smok3

    Dopus ImgBurn Toolbar

    for total commander you could make a button or start entry with %L parameter that points to a batch like this (you will need to fix the paths): @echo off echo. echo making temporary list of files echo and folders for imgburn to enqueue echo to t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb :: make ibb with selected dirs and or files echo IBB>t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb echo [sTART_BACKUP_LIST]>>t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb for /f "eol=; delims=++" %%i in (%1) DO echo %%i>>t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb echo [END_BACKUP_LIST]>>t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb echo. echo The program knows you're building a DVD Video image if... echo 1. You add a folder containing a VIDEO_TS folder to the source box. echo 2. You add a VIDEO_TS folder to the source box. echo 3. You add a load of IFO/BUP/VOB files to the source box. echo 3b. if you add folder named 'anything' with bunch of IFO/BUP/VOB files echo [url="http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1108077"]http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1108077[/url] echo. echo starting imgburn... t:\path\imgburn.exe /mode build /src t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb echo. echo deleting temporary list t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb :: del temporary ibb del t:\tmp\totalcmdList.ibb sleep 1 2nd button (or start entry) would just point to imgburn.exe and it is very usefull for drag/dropping iso files.
  7. smok3

    Build Mode Queue Support

    another vote for ibb queueing (althought it should be easy enough to write a batch that reads a bunch of ibbs and send them in for burning, ignoring the build-in queue tech thought)
  8. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    there seems to be a nix utility called dirsplit, but i cant seem to find win equivalent, or port maybe.
  9. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    ok, any suggestions? (would prefer a cli based one...)
  10. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    actually another question: is it possible from command line (or from gui) that input gets striped down to N isos, based on size? (i want to backup to single-layer and/or dual-layer dvd's at the end..) p.s. in build stage that is of course.
  11. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    hehe, yeah, well ill be back when i will have to discover that perfect burning command line
  12. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    ok, tnx for your time again, the problem was 'unclean' ibb, i have edited the previous post.
  13. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    ok, i just tested, and now it does not hang, however gui begs for a volume label, but i did include that in the command line, like: imgburn /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /MODE isobuild /FILESYSTEM "udf" /VOLUMELABEL "my_test" /ROOTFOLDER no /NOIMAGEDETAILS /CLOSE /START /SRC "f:\testproj.ibb" /DEST "d:\test3.iso" edit: never mind, found the problem, just had to clean the ibb a bit, so it only goes like: IBB [sTART_BACKUP_LIST] C:\Fraps C:\Python24 C:\totalcmd [END_BACKUP_LIST]
  14. smok3

    command line options and *.ibb

    tnx for fast reply, the attached example in my first post should stop the imgburn (as soon as the gui opens). p.s. will do some test on 2nd xp machine in next few hours and report back...
  15. so i have some trouble combining *.ibb files and command line options which will evetually lead to program nonresponsivnes..., so the questions are basically: 1. can i combine command line parameters and ibb at all? 2. if 1=yes, than what is the minimum allowed ibb files? (i would just need a file listing basically, everything else i would like to provide via command line?) 3. edit: and what do i need on my system path? is imgburn.exe enough (iam trying to do a portable solution basically)? tnx in advance for any suggestions. p.s. example is in the attachement. pack.zip

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