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  1. Exactly. That is part of why we all enjoyed DVD Decrypter for years. You have an excellent reputation nowadays for producing really phenomenal software, which is why I am here in the first place. (grin) Ah ha! Now that is what I was seeking. If it does all of that, and you created it, I am sold on it. Good deal. Pay? For Nero? Surely you jest. No need to answer that. heh. No kidding. You do have a reputation for that as well. All right. I will give it a try. Thank you, Lightning UK. Hopefully this thread will answer other people who come here with the same basic question that I did.
  2. Just a simple thing, really. Are there practical reasons to use ImgBurn instead of Nero for burning DVD files onto single or dual-layer discs? For example, is the quality of an ImgBurn created disc consistently 'better' than a Nero created disc? I understand that there are nice things about ImgBurn- small footprint, easy to use, et cetera. But those are not really enough to justify, to me anyway, a lot of enthusiasm for ImgBurn, so I figure that there is something I am not seeing. What makes ImgBurn better in real world terms (burning discs) compared to Nero?
  3. I wanted to take a WMV, and simply put it on a DVD that would work in my home DVD player. So I went and made an ISO out of it, and burned it onto the DVD. The problem is that it wouldn't work in the DVD player. It worked fine in my computer, but I need it to work in the actual deck-thing. Anything I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  4. btw the id of my verbatim is Disc ID: MKM-001-00
  5. i have tryed 2 time of media, verbatim e mediarange, the one you see in the log is the second... i think was a problem with firmware....
  6. whats wrong with verbatim? i update the firm to 1.20 original piooner...i'll burn another one and all goes right, imgburn didnt give any errors and the game works perfect with verbatim @ 2.4!
  7. Hi. I have this series of errors when I try to burn x360 backup I 13:25:54 ImgBurn Version started! I 13:25:54 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 13:25:54 Total Physical Memory: 982.508 KB - Available: 385.984 KB I 13:25:54 Initialising SPTI... I 13:25:54 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 13:25:54 Found 1 CD-RW and 1 DVD
  8. Cool. Thank you. Sorry this produced so much shouting.
  9. The author of the software already confirmed the behavior I reported on this discussion, if you read it. He says that the settings made by the administrator have no effect when other users run the program. Good idea. If I don't like what my firewall is telling me, shut it off! And if I see a traffic accident happening in front of me, close my eyes! No, of course it is not Windows firewall. That thing trusts most anything malicious software wants to do, including most of the spying Microsoft programs want to do.
  10. I know. And I said No. Then when I logged in as a non-admin user, it went ahead and checked for updates anyway.
  11. Not quite true. It gave me an option. I said no. It behaved as if I said yes. This did not strike me as the behavior of obedient, trustworthy software. In a scenario where administrators admin the computer, and users use the computer (the only reasonable scenario from a security perspective), a user CANNOT set the option to no without starting the program first. Right? And the first time a user starts the program, it tries to connect to the internet. Because you didn't get a chance to set the option yet! And it pays no attention to the option the administrator set while installing it.
  12. I did read and understand those claims. You seem to assume I should trust everything I read, and everything a program wants to do, instead of trusting my firewall. Given your apparent inability to grasp the basics of information security, I hope for your own sake your bank account does not offer online access. There! Does the person who shouts loudest win? Or can we get back to discussing appropriate behavior for polite, non-malicious software?
  13. You are correct. I installed it as administrator. (Administrators install stuff.) I told it not to check for updates. Then I logged in as a non-admin user. (You shouldn't be an administrator if you're not planning to install stuff.) On starting the program it (A) ignored the fact the administrator told it not to update, and ( assumed a non-admin user who never had the chance to uncheck some setting would be updating the software. You are telling me it is functioning as intended. I accept that. I am suggesting you might want to alter your intent if you don't want to arouse the suspicions of security-aware users. Your choice of course. I'm just telling you how your (program's) actions look to this observer.
  14. I explicitly told it NOT to check for updates. It is MY responsibility to change my computer's software, NOT YOURS. But it tried to connect to these hosts anyway! Even though I said do not check for updates! domain name pointer wwwtkttest5.microsoft.com. domain name pointer mc-in-f147.google.com. domain name pointer f1.www.vip.sp1.yahoo.com. This smells like spyware to me! DVD burning software should NOT need an internet connection. It should only have to read the hard disk and write the DVD. Please update your software to only initiate an internet connection in response to my specific request. Software that does suspicious things of its own initiative is not to be trusted.
  15. Hey Lighting...how about adding the ability for users to create there own plugins for imgburn would certain cut down on the feature requests. look at firefox...by its self its pretty boring...but add some nice plugins/extensions and u open up a whole world of whoop-ass also if I could find the specifications on the MDF file format used by alcohol 120 do you think u could impliment burning the images...properly (raw dao 96) so annoying having to install alcohol 120 for those kinds of cd images
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