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  1. Well first off there are several on Sourceforge.net that already exist why take a flower and paint it black Here is one good reason! Type these words into the search feature on sourceforge.net image burner Burner Burn Or any other word associated with it and take a look at how many programs exist and how many of them have died a painful death... Don't subject ImgBurn to that type of cruelty... Woot you go LUK! Keep up the good work!!!
  2. Yes windows explorer works for copying it but I like the options that DVD Decrypter had... Windows explorer dose not have any such options... And also the only computer I have is a work related computer that I cant have an Illegal Program on Such as DVD Decrypter That is why I have not used it...
  3. You could post the video here if it were made with the divx codec http://stage6.divx.com/ You can post any res video you want...
  4. Make A DVD Ripper for un copy protected Movies I have a load of home video DVDs, and your old DVD Decrypter was the only app that had all the options That I liked. Being as how you no longer make decrypter I am Just asking if it would be legal in your present circumstance to make a ripper not a decrypter. That ripps to folders (ie X:\Some_Vid\vts\? ) like the decrypter did...
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