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  1. Hi As mentioned getting lots of "support" questions about other peoples code is a good reason to not open source it. And LUK hinted he would open source it when he decides to end the project - that is good to hear. Thanks for all your good work!
  2. Hello Would it be possible for you to give a reason why it won't be open sourced? Maybe you should think long term. One person can't manage ImgBurn forever. Everyone will die one day. What happens to ImgBurn then???? Open source ImgBurn and it will live forever. Thanks
  3. Hello Considering that ImgBurn is free and Lightning UK! will never make any $$$$$ from it, why not open source the code? If its open source then a Linux version, OSX version etc could be created. Plus other people could submit code suggestions for new features, bug fixes etc. If Lightning UK! doesn't want to open source all the code could he please provide the source code for the Log Window? I really like the Log Window and would use it for any applications that I develop. Also the opening transparent logo at the start is very cool, could I see the code for that? Thanks
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