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  1. yangxi Errors

    Sadly, your media is still junk (CMC). Go get some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatims. Regards What ur coment about mitsubishi dvd+r , and also smartbuy dvd+r?
  2. yangxi

    I/O Error

    try update ur imgburn first and try again.
  3. yangxi

    ImgBurn hangs PC on startup

    never heard of such issue with LG burner, i am a fans of LG dvd burner though.
  4. yangxi

    Using ImgBurn to backup data

    if u use the build mode, it dun need create image in temp before burning process.
  5. yangxi

    I/O Error

    pls post ur log file screen at here
  6. yangxi

    Excellant program!

    welcome zonemaster, i also cant imagine my life w/o imgburn.
  7. yangxi

    ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 Released!

    thx lightning for explaining, u r so gentle & patient to solve my question. long live imgburn.
  8. yangxi

    Creaing an ISO from I00 and MDS files

    sorry confussing u, lightning, is there any possible way for me to make a disc image by imgburn which can be later on burned out by nero at my fren pc? thanks for ur time and effort helping me. i love imgburn very much.
  9. yangxi

    Creaing an ISO from I00 and MDS files

    thanks, lightning for reply, but the version got create it perfectly.
  10. yangxi

    Creaing an ISO from I00 and MDS files

    Is it possible to set auto creation of cue file when it separate the mdf image files? coz i want to past the image to my fren whose pc cannot install imgburn coz he is not using the admin acc.
  11. yangxi

    ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 Released!

    becoz it is not convenient when i need to separate my image file by chopping it into each 2gb size for a full 4.4gb image.
  12. yangxi

    ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 Released!

    How come it dun support create cue by automatic during create image like previous version anymore?
  13. do u got any crash if using other burning software too?
  14. yangxi

    urgent help required plz

    ricoh disc is not bad wat.
  15. yangxi

    Need Old Version

    just use back is enough, u dun need such too old version actually.

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