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    Why won't my DVD Player recognise DL discs :( ?

    Sorry - I should say that I used verify at all times - t'was OK and yes they play in other players. Stoopid Panasonic DVR720H player!! Grrrr I can't really use another player in addition to this as this is my main DVD player which has a hard drive and ALL the other sockets are taken up with other stuff. Merry Xmas all! MBB
  2. marsbarbabe

    Why won't my DVD Player recognise DL discs :( ?

    Verbatim DL+R - this time have already tried Verbatim DL-R MBB
  3. marsbarbabe

    Why won't my DVD Player recognise DL discs :( ?

    SOB! #39;( Just wasted ?'s I burned it using DVD+R DL discs and the player says 'Can't Use' Looks like I'm stuffed. Thanks for your help though guys. The most annoying thinig is I think the pioneer 720-H has a pioneer 107 drive in it - which should be able to read them fine. I really hate giving up but might have to, unless anyone else has other ideas? Merry Christmas! MBB
  4. marsbarbabe

    Why won't my DVD Player recognise DL discs :( ?

    Thanks VERY much for the replies guys. Just my luck - haven't got any more DL +Rs - Just ordered a couple more. I'm gonna start praying now; for when they arrive. So if this doesn't work - am I stuffed? I'll let you know how I get on once the discs are delivered. Thanks again MBB
  5. marsbarbabe

    Why won't my DVD Player recognise DL discs :( ?

    BOTH - but I don't think the player supoports +r discs anyway. It doesn't play single layer +r discs. I did try it though 'incase' for some reason it might like dual layer ones. MBB
  6. PLEASE help.. I'm desperate to have a full sized working version of StarWars Ep3 on a DVD-R DL disc. I have tried several times and wasted a fortune of blank DL discs! Both +r and -r :& I have a Pioneer 110D v1.37 firmware Have ripped to an .iso using DVD Decrypter (latest/last version) Using Verbatim DVD-R Dual Layer 8.5Gb discs Have tried burning with DVD Decrypter and now going to try imgburn. When I have tried burning with DVD Decrypter the burn and verification went fine. BUT the darn disc just won't play in my main DVD/burner/Hard Drive player which is a Pioneer DVDR-720H. However the last disc I tried; a DL -R did play in another DVD Player I have. Which is fine for the bedroom BUT I really really want to get a working disc in this DVDR-720H as this is a vital component in my AV system and cannot be changed. I did read somewhere on this forum that people were setting the book type to DVD-ROM. Then I read elsewhere that you can't change this in the Pioneer burners, YET they do burn discs as a DVD-ROM anyway? So my last hope of success comes in the form of imgburn. I just got the lastest version and went to burn another disc. However, after nervously pressing start I get a message saying ... 'layer jump recording disabled! Ccannot set the layer break position when burning DVD-DL media in DAO mode. Do you want to continue?' .. hmm what do I do? What setting do I need to change? Is this likely to even work for the DVDR-720H player I have? Does anyone else have this player with this problem? I can't find a compatabilty list for it anywhere. Although it plays all my other DVD-R discs fine. Not +r discs. ANY other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've only a few more verbatim DL-R and DL +R discs left and will have to call it a day as I can't justify spending anymore money on dual layer coasters. All I wanted to do was sit down and watch episode 3 in its ful (backed-up) glory with the light off and the sound up. Thanks all! MBB
  7. marsbarbabe

    What To Use? pgcedit, Folder2iso or IMGTOOL CLASSIC

    looks like imgtool is the best then. I'll have a proper look when everyone's in bed tonight. Thanks chaps btw is there a FAQ oro guide for imgtool - or is it really easy to use? cheers MBB
  8. Hello, Not used ImgBurn yet - but stumbled upon this site whilst looking for best and easiest way to burn a DL DVD-R. I understand lightening's nice app can only burn an iso (and I will in future rip DVDs as an iso). BUT for the time being I have my DVD9 film in VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. After looking through the posts on this forum I have seen no less than THREE different apps mentioned to convert my 'folders' into a suitable .iso Which one of these three is recommended and is most likely to work with ImgBurn? I have a pioneer 110D drive and Verbatim DL DVD-Rs Oh and btw is ImgBurn likely to burn DVD folders in the future? Thanks. MBB PS - Glad to see your still 'out n about' helping the world Lightning UK!
  9. so would you say that PgcEdit is as good as/better or the same as Folder2iso ? Does anyone know if imgburn will be supporting burning VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders in the future or will we have to carry on using the above two progs to convert it to .ISO? Cheers MBB

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