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DVDD For the newbies,........like me


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Oh, c'mon, wheel. He's cute.


You know, 100,000 years, ago they used to be the size of Volkswagon Bugs.


Then they go down-sized.


<<< Can you imagine, a 1500lb wombat? >>>


Fuckin' dingos'd be running for the hills.



What an fugly little critter.............





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Uh, Kev,


How much is the model without the oil fetish? :wub:


According to Shamus when viewed from behind they are quite attractive !!! :lol:






=))=))=)) I personally think its a lovely pet........... :lol:

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But that's completely different than taking bribes.

Let me see if I got this right.


Are you saying if someone offerd you a couple of million bucks to do something a bit underhanded, (because you're in a position to do so) you would not think about it?


If you honestly answerd "no I would not" to the above, then you're a much better man than I am.


I know damn well I would be very tempted, pending on what the request was.

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