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I went through my audio CD collection to see what the MID's were on my CD-R's and copy any non-conformists like CMC or Unknown Verbatims and make new copies of them to more reliable Taiyo Yuden CD-R's. I rag on CMC, but, the CD-R's I'm finding so far are about 10 years old (They're max 12x and 16x.) and they're reading to image files. Albeit, some are reading with slowed down read speeds towards the end. I still don't trust CMC, since they made terrible DVD-R's for Optodisk that wouldn't Verify completely. However, I must admit, I'm surprised these CMC's are still readable.



The Verbatim CD-R's are those 45 CD Vinyl's that look like records. They return Unknown for an MID. So, since I know from past experience that Verbatim uses CMC for their CD-R's now, I've been reading and rewriting them, just in case.

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